5 Reasons to Use Video for Internal Communications

Most businesses fail to consider the use of video content for internal purposes, but there are many reasons to use video for internal communications. In fact, businesses benefit greatly from leveraging video content for internal purposes. We’re outlining some of the ways that you can use video internally to communicate with your team and the benefits of each.


Convenient Distribution

Videos that are used to train staff on special procedures or to help staff members remember important tasks can be conveniently delivered internally. The rise in technology makes it possible to watch a video just about anywhere and anytime, day or night. Organizations can distribute powerful video content with little notice. Whether a recent organizational question came up that needs an immediate response or there’s a specific task that employees have been handling incorrectly and complex training is needed, internal videos can be conveniently distributed to cover these and various other topics at length. These are similar to a company memo, but a video is so much easier to understand and employees are more likely to learn and remember the content that is delivered.

Inform Employees & Staff

Video content can be used internally to inform employees and staff of upcoming events or company objectives. Videos add a human touch to otherwise mundane content that may not immediately grasp the attention of the person the content is delivered to. Consider using video to inform employees or staff members of an upcoming event that the company plans to attend. The video can answer important questions, define goals of the event, offer details on what can and can not be done while at the event, or include footage from prior events to help the staff know what to expect. These types of videos also help to increase team momentum leading up to special events.

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Corporate Updates

Informing employees of corporate updates or changes within the organization through video offers a less formal or impersonal approach compared to written notices. Internal communications regarding upcoming changes are often better tolerated when the message is delivered by video versus an email or similar communication.

Product Launches

Share a product launch video with the company internally to show how each department worked together to  produce the final product or result. These types of internal communications can remind employees and staff whey their role within the company is important and shows that the company values their input.  Both help to create a stronger sense of team comradery and can influence stronger work environments.

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Training Videos

Training videos are becoming increasingly popular for both large and small businesses. These can be used internally with newly hired employees or to allow existing employees to train into advanced fields or different areas of the organization. Internal employee training videos allow for less time to be taken away from management or others needed to provide training allowing employees to learn the appropriate skills for a role more quickly and efficiently.

These are just a few of the reasons to use video for internal communications. For help creating videos that your business can benefit from, contact Beverly Boy Productions today!

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