title 5 corporate video strategies to excite consumers

5 Corporate Video Strategies to Excite Consumers


Corporate video strategies are not all about shooting presidential content or recruitment videos. In fact, much of what professional video production crews are responsible for when producing corporate video content goes beyond the traditional recruitment film and focuses on taking steps to excite consumers so that they can’t get enough of the content they are seeing. Follow these corporate video strategies to excite consumers and generate more sales for your business.



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  1.  Use Video Memes to Evoke Humor

funny video meme

Not sure what a meme is? It’s a video clip, image or piece of text that is humorous and often overly contentious, and so exciting to consumers that it gets shared over and over again. We’ve seen memes that are so viral that they go around and around, disappear for a few months, and pop back up again only to recirculate the internet once more.


Corporate video memes are a great way to add excitement to your marketing. If you can manage to find a corporate meme that works for your industry, share it and see what happens. The best corporate videos or memes go viral not once, but several times online!


  1.  Short, Exciting Video Bursts


Social media is all about bite-sized or snackable content. Short, exciting bursts of video that showcase your corporate interactions or key details of your corporate message can help your brand reach a much wider audience. Short, memorable video clips are more likely to be shared by the consumer regardless of purchase cycle or stage in the marketing funnel.


  1. Repurpose Content into Video


Does your corporate blog have several posts that are doing really well and have done well for a long time? Repurpose your most valuable content into video content that can be used to excite your consumer. Repurposing video content, especially written content that is repurposed into video represents a key method of exciting your audience. If the written content is already working, of course, the video content will work!


  1. Corporate Training Videos

employee watches training video

Corporate training, how-to videos, and tutorials that show the consumer what a product or service is, how it works or why it works represents a great method of exciting the customer. Connect with customers at a very deep level. Keep how-to video content short, sweet and certainly to the point. Remember, training content that is over several minutes long quickly loses interest and engagement.


  1. Live Video Rendering


Does your corporate business share live video? Exciting consumers with live video Q and Q sessions, or dynamic duos that include your top employees or other members of the team, represents an excellent opportunity to connect with the consumers. Live videos have the power to excite consumers because they offer a chance to interact with brands in a one-on-one style, “we did it,, manner.


Ready to put these corporate video strategies to the test for your brand? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call today! We’ll put nearly two decades of experience to work for your brand. Professional video content that engages and excited your audience starts here!

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