Personal Branding Video Examples You Won’t Want to Miss

Personal Branding Video Examples You Won’t Want to Miss

Take any big brands that you can think of, Nike, Apple, Google, Amazon and consider whether or not you have ever seen a video that represents them? Not only will you most definitely answer “yes,” stating that you have seen video representing the brand, but you’ll almost certainly recall very specific branding elements of the video. This is because, for any business, branding is incredibly important. Personal branding videos are makes your audience recognize your business, when your business is your very own, personal brand! 

Developing your personal brand is all about video these days. Creating memorable, engaging and quality content that directly relates with your own personal brand is incredibly important. For some ideas, just checkout these personal branding video examples from some of the world’s most prominent personal brands.

  1. Elon Musk

Talk about household names, just about every household around the world knows Elon Musk. Whether you’re a technology guru or you could care less about it, it’s almost impossible to avoid the personal brand that Musk has built for himself. Being a public figure, Elon Musk took to SNL to announce something that very few people knew about him previously. The result? What the industry called a “seismic shift” in his personal brand. 

By being honest with the audience, Musk announced that he has Asperger’s syndrome and, in doing so, experts say that not only did he personally connected with SNL viewers, but he also was able to connect emotionally while humbling himself in a way that few CEOs (if any) of his stature were capable of. Although it’s not a traditional form of “personal branding video,” the example below from the SNL episode shows just how valuable honesty and emotionally connecting with the target audience can be for a band.

  1. Bill Nye

Households also largely recognize the name Bill Nye, you know, the “Science Guy?” He’s known for his bowties and for his ability to awkwardly pull off science-related dad jokes, but there’s significantly more to Nye’s personal branding than just his awkward enthusiasm for science. 

Nye uses his persona, and his background as a mechanical engineer, to come off as a trusted expert in the science field, but he promotes science-related content that is accessible for all. Accordingly, there’s a “scientific-method to personal branding,” which Nye has said from the start is to, “always be yourself.” We’ve seen this play out across the many different shows that Nye has engaged in including Bill Nye the Science Guy, The Eyes of Nye, and now in Bill Nye Saves the World. 

  1. Gary Vaynerchuk

What some might refer to as a pioneer in personal branding, Gary Vaynerchuk is most prominently known across social media as Gary Vee. An early adopter of new technology, Vee doesn’t stop at teaching society how to best utilize technology to consistently better themselves. Watch any of his many TED talks and you’ll quickly find a theme: Do What You Love! 

He’s not a dreamer, though. Vaynerchuk speaks frequently about going beyond the dream to actually take steps, jump off the cliff if that’s what it takes, to fulfill your dreams. He’s quick to tell it like it is, and he’s not one to allow procrastination to get in his way. The bestselling author and inspirational speaker started his career working in the family business which happened to be a liquor store. He would quickly rebrand the store, put the internet to work for him, and prove that with technology a business can substantially increase revenues. (Shopper’s Discount Liquors would become Wine Library and their revenue would go from $4M to $60M)

Vaynerchuk provides his own tips for personal branding, online of course, in them he mentions the importance of recognizing that your own personal brand is your reputation, it follows you, forever and “your reputation in perpetuity is the foundation of your career.” Your personal brand is you, being yourself. As simple as it sounds, it’s challenging for most. 

  1. Tony Robbins

A self help guru that dominated the personal development space for more than 40 years, Tony Robins is a master of connection. Robbins has an incredible digital footprint and his innovation and marketing inspire vast audiences. With millions of followers and hundreds of thousands of events that Tony Robbins has been personally involved in, it’s hard not to take lessons from this personal branding superstar. 

Like other personal branding video examples previously shown, Tony Robbins has plenty of personal branding tips and strategies to share, too. More than anything though, Robbins, like others previously mentioned, states that your personal brand is WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU VALUE. Do you see the trend here? Building a personal brand is all about being yourself, sharing yourself with the world, and providing your own, personal value, to others. 

As you can see, when it comes to personal branding video examples, the overall point is that building your personal brand requires you to just be yourself. The videos you create to promote your personal brand should be an extension of who you are and the value you have to share. Want help producing personal branding videos that you can share with your audience? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call!

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