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HD Camera Crew in Miami

HD Camera Crew in Miami to Palm Beach November 6th; HD Camera Crew in Miami films several TV commercials for Palm Beach State College. We so enjoyed creating this beautiful College TV Commercial production. We produced several videos with our friends at BG for PBSC. We had the honor of working with Palm Beach advertising […]


Camera Crew in Miami films school commercial

Filming a school promotional video October 3; Camera Crew in Miami films charter school commercial in South Florida. We have been working in the arena of school video production, or school videos for quite some time. Over the years we have mastered the technique of the charter school commercial. During this time we have discovered […]


Miami Camera Crew Films Corporate Aviation Video

Miami camera crew filming Aviation project. September 12th, Miami Camera Crew Films Corporate Aviation Video near Ft Lauderdale. Here is an aviation corporate video production that we crafted in South Florida. This client is a leader in the aviation industry, they did a search on the web looking to hire a camera crew in Miami, […]


Animated TV commercial production

Animated TV commercial production In this day and age Animated TV commercial production is essential for anyone doing business on the web. Creating an animated TV spot can be very rewarding but is also a great challenge. But when its all said and done it can be a true masterpiece for your brand. The first step […]


Basic TV Commercial Production

Looking for basic TV commercial production, we are experts at creating memorable, and effective TV spots for your business, or service. With over 15 years of experience we have discovered that there is an art and science to the craft of creating a memorable basic spot. Whether it be a 30 second commercial, or a […]