How to Land Video Production Jobs in Birmingham

The film industry is competitive and landing a role on the film set in Birmingham or any other major city can be challenging at best. Even major Directors will tell you that the path to success in the film industry is all but clearly laid. There are many different forks in the road, various opportunities which may or may not lead to success, and in the end, landing video production jobs in Birmingham or anywhere in the film industry requires persistence, dedication, and focus.

At Beverly Boy Productions, we frequently offer video production jobs in Birmingham to entry level crew members seeking to gain first hand knowledge of the set. These are a few of the tips we provide to anyone that is interested in a career in film production. For additional questions, call 888-462-7808.

      1. Dedicate Yourself to Your Craft

Whatever it is that you aspire to do, whether it’s hair, makeup, props or actually Directing – dedicating yourself to your craft is extremely important. But how does dedicating yourself to your craft help you to land a production job? Simple – building a career in film requires you to learn all you can about the role you intend to have. The more you know, the more you aspire the know, the closer you will be to achieving your goal.

Using the rule of numbers, or basic statistics, think about what learning and doing more frequently will do for you? The more time you dedicate to learning, the more you will actually learn. Even if the statistical odds of learning something are low, the more you try, the greater your chance will be for success.

      2. Set Personal Goals

Landing video production jobs in Birmingham or anywhere in the film scene will almost certainly require a lot of work and persistence. Setting your own personal goals will help you to succeed.

Whether you set a goal of applying to 10 positions in the Birmingham film scene each day or a goal of connecting with at least 5 new Birmingham film professionals each week, or something entirely different – it’s important to have goals because they will help you to stay on a path to success and they will help you to stay persistent.

Equally true – any goal that requires daily focus and consistency can turn into a habit! Thus, if your ultimate goal is to write a screenplay, consider smaller goals of “writing 2 pages per day” or “writing a 15 page screenplay every weekend.” Both of these will ultimately lead to you achieving your own personal goals.

    3. Network with Industry Professionals

Landing video production jobs in Birmingham or anywhere in the film scene is largely about your ability to network and build relationships with filmmakers, Directors, and those already actively engaged in the film scene. Networking with industry professionals can help you in several ways.

They may alert you to upcoming opportunities to enter the film scene in Birmingham. They may recognize your skills and ask you for help on a project they have. And having a strong network of filmmakers on your side can help you to engage and continue to learn and grow your skill set for future positions.

    4. Update Resume & Cover Letter

Having a professional resume and cover letter is important. Landing video production jobs in Birmingham is largely about the first impression that you make on hiring managers or Directors in the film scene.

Your resume and cover letter are frequently the first chance you have at making a first impression — your job is to make sure that they both do as good of a job, or better, than what you would do yourself if you were to meet in-person.

If your resume is outdated or it lacks professional appeal, consider hiring a resume writer to help you improve it. Freelance resume writers can assist you in spicing up your resume so that it showcases your most prominent skills, abilities, and work history as each apply to the position that you’re applying for. 


    5. Get Social

Your social media profiles may be the next opportunity for you to make a first impression on hiring managers. What you post on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, and other social media profiles may play a key role in your ability to land video production jobs in Birmingham.

Consider regular updates to your social media profiles that show your work history, skills, and dedication to a career in film.

Following these steps will help you to land video production jobs in Birmingham. For more details on what it takes to enter the Birmingham film scene, give Beverly Boy Productions a call!

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