23 Places to Find a Local Videographer in Newton

Are you navigating the streets of Newton, Massachusetts, trying to locate a local videographer? Contrary to what one might assume due to Newton’s expanse, the task isn’t as daunting as it seems. The city boasts a multitude of hubs where top-notch videographers can be discovered. No matter the scale or scope of your project, there’s a videographer in Newton ideally suited for the job. Whether you need a Newton videographer for a single project or a long-term association, this city has got you covered. Our list showcases the crème de la crème of videography experts offering services across Newton, Massachusetts.


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How Do I Find a Local Videographer in Newton?

Tracking down a Newton-based videographer known for crafting powerful marketing visuals, capturing genuine customer feedback, creating product demos, tutorials, or documenting live events requires a certain level of know-how. Engaging a professional videographer from Newton infuses your venture with expertise, top-notch equipment, and unparalleled commitment. The peace of mind that comes with hiring a seasoned professional is priceless. Yet, zeroing in on a videographer equipped with the right tools, talent, and tenacity can sometimes pose a challenge.

Need an ENG or EFP crew in 02456 zip code, a camera operator well-versed with the nuances of Middlesex County, or someone to flawlessly record a live stream event? We’ve collated this detailed list of Newton videographer hubs to aid your search. With this in hand, you’ll be one step closer to kickstarting your project sooner than you anticipated. Ready to embark? Let’s dive in.

1. Beverly Boy Productions

When your videography vision demands distinctiveness, Team Beverly Boy emerges as the frontrunner. With years of expertise under our belt, we understand the essence of videography. Our goal? To leave our clients beaming. At Beverly Boy Productions, we prioritize precision. If Newton videography services are what you seek, consider us your go-to. Our proficient crew, well-acquainted with Newton’s charm, guarantees timely and skilled delivery. Ready to roll? Chat with our producers, and they’ll align you with a videographer that resonates with your vision. It’s as seamless as A, B, C.


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2. Reddit for Hire

Reddit, the hotspot for unfiltered discussions and trending news, can surprisingly be a goldmine for your Newton videographer search. The ‘for hire’ sections here are buzzing with talent. Post your requirements, and wait for the influx of pitches. With its 52 million active daily users, Reddit could be the platform where you meet your match.

3. stands out as a bridge connecting freelancers and visionaries like you. If you desire a touch of uniqueness, scouting for a Massachusetts videographer here might be your answer. The platform predominantly operates on an hourly rate model. Float your project, and let the bids roll in. People Per Hour leverages Artificial Intelligence to streamline your search, ensuring you engage the finest from Newton’s freelancer without burning a hole in your pocket.

4. Facebook

With its staggering 2.89 billion user base, Facebook is a treasure trove of freelancer. Therefore, for local videographer scouting in Newton, Facebook proves invaluable. This social media giant simplifies networking, making the task of locating Newton videographers a breeze. With its vibrant marketplaces and niche videography groups, your perfect videographer might just be a post away.

5. Personal Recommendations

Often, the best recommendations come from personal networks. Colleagues, friends, or family members who’ve previously embarked on videography projects can offer invaluable insights. Their experiences can guide you to stellar “local videographers near me” recommendations, sometimes even outshining other options on this list. Engaging in casual conversations with local videographers or neighbors in Newton can significantly expedite your videographer hunt, ensuring it’s smooth and stress-free.

Beverly Boy Videographer

6., as the name suggests, is your one-stop destination when you’re hunting for the best videographers in Newton. Through this platform, countless media professionals have found connections with businesses in need of their expertise. Offering a curated list of videographers from both Canada and the US, it’s never been simpler to find a local expert. has successfully carved a niche in connecting users directly to Newton videographers. In just a few steps, you can find the perfect videographer tailored to your project needs.

7. is a renowned platform serving users globally. Having your video production listed here ensures that you can seamlessly connect with seasoned industry professionals to bring your vision to life. It’s an ideal starting point when you’re seeking a local videographer in Newton. With a tightly knit community consisting of videographers, actors, production maestros, and other industry insiders, you’re certain to find the right match for your project on this platform.

8. Newton Chamber of Commerce

One of the most trusted places to find videography experts in Newton is the Newton Chamber of Commerce. By reaching out to them, you can also connect with a plethora of other service providers vital to your production journey. Simply visit their offices, explain your requirements, and they’ll guide you to the relevant resources.

9. Upwork 

While Upwork shares some similarities with PeoplePerHour, its vast user base of roughly 14 million makes it stand out. Listing your project here means awaiting proposals from around the world. If you’re set on hiring locally, just specify Newton, and the platform will do the rest. With Upwork, you’re ensured secure payments and a guarantee that you’ll find a Newton-based videographer perfect for your needs.

10. Craigslist

Craigslist, despite its variable trustworthiness, can still be a goldmine for discovering proficient videographers. It has a dedicated page for Newton, where you can post your project and wait for responses from freelancers. Over time, you’re bound to find suitable Newton videographers. And the best part? Posting here won’t cost you a dime.

11. LinkedIn

LinkedIn, a hub for professional networking, is also a treasure trove when scouting for videographers in Newton. With a diverse user base of freelancers, businesses, and professionals, it’s an excellent platform to expand your local videographer network. By leveraging LinkedIn, you’re not just finding a videographer; you’re finding the best fit for your filmmaking venture.

12. Instagram

Instagram’s primary focus on visuals makes it an excellent platform to search for videographers, especially in Newton. Through portfolios and interactive content, gauge the caliber of videographers before you commit. Employ hashtags like #Newtonvideographer, #Newtoncameracrew, and #setlife to narrow down professionals offering videography services in Newton. With its extensive user base, Instagram’s potential is undeniable.

13. Gigsalad 

Gigsalad is your portal to top-notch event management services, from entertainers and videographers to various artists. Here, you’ll find a Newton videographer with expertise spanning all facets of film creation. Browse, compare, and settle on the ideal videographer tailored to your project.


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Catering specifically to freelancers, this platform boasts a substantial global footprint, extending from cities like Vancouver and London to places like Newton. Currently home to over 20 million global users, this platform, established in 2009, is a cornucopia of talent. Whether you need videography, film editing, animation, or even graphic design, has you covered.

15. is a platform designed for hiring Newton videographers and other professionals. This site connects service providers with potential clients. What’s great is that it’s entirely free to explore. So, when you’re searching for top-notch videography services in Newton, consider checking Maybe the ideal videographer for your needs is listed here. Discover local videographers by searching based on your location.

16. BNI Business Network International

BNI (Business Network International) is a global networking hub for professionals. Boasting about 270,000 members, this professional networking group has an expansive reach. With more than 10,000 chapters across over 70 countries, you’re likely to find a chapter near Newton, MA. If you’re aiming to find a Local Videographer, be sure to locate a chapter in or around your vicinity.

17. The Knot 

The Knot is a premier platform to find event videographers in Newton. The site is user-friendly and primarily caters to wedding-related services. Nonetheless, you can also locate videographers for various events here. Numerous Newton videographers, each with their unique expertise, are featured on The Knot.

18. Wedding Wire 

Similar to The Knot, Wedding Wire predominantly focuses on wedding services. Yet, it also hosts a myriad of professionals, freelancers, and vendors in videography, video production, and editing. When you’re in Newton and need to find a local videographer to capture the essence of your event, this platform might be your go-to destination.

19. is a renowned online job portal, showcasing experts in videography, spanning from corporate filming to capturing live events. Post your requirements here, akin to other freelancing websites. Soon, you’ll observe skilled videographers from Newton bidding to take on your project.

20. LocalGrapher

Among the top places to identify a Newton videographer is LocalGrapher. This platform specializes in listing local photographers and videographers with substantial expertise. The site lets you engage with artistic individuals globally, each possessing distinct skills and vision.

21. offers an array of Newton videographers, simplifying your quest to find the perfect match for your event. The platform also lists a plethora of event professionals capable of amplifying your event’s success. With a comprehensive database that includes local venues and service providers, you can not only find a videographer but also scout filming locations in Newton. Be it a festive occasion, corporate gathering, or an intimate meet-up, you’re bound to find services that align with your preferences and budget.


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22. is your gateway to effortlessly find a local videographer in Newton. Input your details, and you’re set. Hosting over 250,000 professionals across diverse sectors, you can pinpoint videography services in Massachusetts, ranging from filming to editing. Dive deep into the profiles to understand the videographers’ pricing, skill set, and customer feedback before initiating a conversation.

23. is dedicated to bringing media professionals together. With a thriving community of more than 161,000 media enthusiasts and over 100,000 media firms, navigating the platform to spot a Local Videographer in Newton is a cinch. Engage, discuss, and finalize your videography needs effortlessly.

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