How to Hire a Freelance Videographer Near Me

How to Hire a Freelance Videographer Near Me

Searching for freelance videographer near me? Knowing what questions to ask when you interview freelance videographers can make a difference in whether you hire the best freelancer for the job or you get stuck with a subpar videographer that leaves you wishing you had done your homework. Follow along as we guide you through the process of hiring a freelance videographer for your event. How to Hire a Freelance Videographer Near Me.


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Finding a Freelance Videographer

The first step to hiring a freelancer is finding out where you can connect with local freelance videographers that are looking for work. Several options exist to help you find freelancers in your area. A Google search may bring up local freelance networks but most likely, will lead you more to professional videographers and companies. Instead, consider soliciting freelancers on group pages in social media or consider asking a local production company for freelancer referrals.

You’ll be surprised that many times local crews know freelancers that have already been vetted by the production company and represent them. This is your safest bet to finding local freelance videographers that will provide top quality work.

Services provided by a videographer near me:

Corporate videographer

Real Estate videographer

Business videographer

Event videographer

Funeral videographer

Wedding videography

Music videographer

Evaluating Freelance Videographers

The next step is to evaluate each freelancer to determine his or her abilities and whether they align with your video production needs. You’ll want to ask the freelance videographers that you found during your initial search various questions to help you get a feel for whether they will work well with you and your project. Consider the following questions when looking for a freelance videographer near me:

  • How long have you been producing corporate videos?
  • How long have you been freelancing?
  • How do you handle collaborating with your clients?
  • Do you have any past experience with clients in my industry? Who?
  • What type of video are you most comfortable with creating? What’s your favorite?
  • Can I see your portfolio? What is your most recent work?
  • How can I reach you? How do you handle communication with clients?
  • What kind of marketing experience do you have?
  • How will you collaborate with my team?
  • Do you provide revisions? How many?
  • What will you do to bring my vision to life?

You may have other questions pertinent to your project. Feel free to ask those questions too! Any questions that you can ask at this stage to help you vet the freelance videographers in your area should be included at this point. The goal is to find freelancers that will mesh well with you and your needs.

Determine Budget

After asking a series of questions you should have a better idea of the freelance videographers that are most likely to work well with you and your project. The next step is to determine the budget. Freelance videographers will generally have base rates as well as project based rates that you can expect to pay. Ask the freelancers that you are considering for a written estimate for the work that you need done. 

Best videographers pricing

The quote should include details on the price per minute of video or the total cost estimate based on the parameters that you discuss upfront. You will, ideally, get proposals from several local freelance videographers to help you gauge the cost estimates for your area. 

Get what you pay for

When looking to book a freelance videographer near me, Keep in mind that a lower cost isn’t always a good thing. A cheap videographer is not always a good thing. Freelancers that seem to offer a cost too good to be true are probably not going to provide the quality that you would want out of hiring a professional. Make sure that you know what is and is not included in the proposal so that you can properly budget and determine what costs to expect.

Hire a Freelance Videographer Near You

Once you have details about local freelance videographers near me it’s time to make a hiring decision. Use the information that you gathered about the freelancers and their rates to help you determine the best freelancer for the task. When you hire a freelancer, make sure that you get the entire project with all details of scope and expectations in writing as well as associated costs. This way there are no surprises later on in the production.

Want to hire a freelance videographer near me that will provide you with top quality service? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call. We’ll put our two decades of experience to work for you. With offices in 300 major cities worldwide, we’re sure to have a video production crew local to you!

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