What is Unscripted Series Video Production

What is Unscripted Series Video Production?

Unscripted series video production represents the creative briefing, planning, production design, filming, and post-production editing of multiple showing entertainment video series which are not dependent upon a script and frequently include things like documentaries or docu-series, true crime series, reality TV shows, and talk shows.

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Unscripted television or video production represents a blanket term that is frequently used to describe reality style television shows and series that are not reliant upon a script or storyline.

The unscripted series can include things like documentaries, or docu-series, true crime shows, game shows, reality television, paranormal programming, and talk shows that require no formal script and are very fly by the seat of your pants in terms of production – whatever happens, sort of just happens. 

Unscripted series video production represents the creative briefing, planning of set and cast or crew, production design, filming and post-production editing of multiple showings or a series of videos that don’t rely on a script.

Unscripted series video production gained popularity quickly in recent years and continues to make up a large part of the total content that is created for television as well as for on-demand programming apps like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon.

Understanding the Unscripted Series

The unscripted series is quite different from the standard television series that relies heavily on the script, characters, and back-to-back episodes which typically build and grow the storyline from one episode to the next.

An unscripted series can generally be enjoyed on its own, out of order, and it will still make perfect sense because it’s self-contained meaning a single episode of the show stands on its own although the show itself may be part of a series of shows that have a similar theme or style.

Certain structural elements of the series repeat from one show to the next, and there may be roots in documentary style production for example an unscripted series will usually follow traditional life events or scenarios rather than a particular format that was man-made or created.

You might have seen an unscripted series entertainment in the past if you’ve watched shows such as: Big Brother. The First 48. Intervention. Survivor. Dance Moms. Hell’s Kitchen.  This list is really long actually as this format has become so incredibly popular in the past decade or so.

Unscripted Series Video Production

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Producing an unscripted video series is all about catching as many seemingly realistic, unscripted events on camera as possible. These types of series are typically filmed over an extended duration of time and feature a ton of editing in order to shorten the countless hours of footage down into a single 30 or 60 minute television show.

The production crew will use a mix of dollies and sliders, drone footage, and many other techniques to capture everyday happenings, interviews, and an array of footage for the finished video.

Capturing every angle, from every scene, becomes one of the most important tasks when producing an unscripted series. Visual effects will also be used to pull off some additional visuals that will make the finished project a success.

Using unique framing, plenty of b-roll, and storytelling techniques that only a professional camera crew can effectively pull off, the unscripted series video production process plays out day-to-day on the set.

In Post

In post-production, additional graphics and special effects are added as well as narration or voice-over. Music and sounds are added for additional effects.

If there was no audience during the filming of the show, audience sounds may be added in at this time as well (especially for a game show). In the end, unscripted series video production is an incredible process that requires a lot of professional input and plenty of experience behind the camera in order to pull off a successful shoot.

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