What is the Future of Video Production-

What is the Future of Video Production?

Video production has certainly come a very long way in the past 20 years, and will likely grow substantially over the next 20. There’s no doubt that the industry has changed significantly with the rise of Smartphones that are fully capable of recording in HD and handheld cameras that produce a quality better than some of our old “professional” models. As a professional full-service video production agency, Beverly Boy Productions is frequently asked, “What is the future of video production?” and “Where do we think video production will be in the next 20 years?”

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Of course, we’re not psychic, nor can we see into the future, so we don’t really know what’s in store, but looking back at the past 20 years, and assessing current trends in video production, we believe the future of video production will be incredibly exciting! 

Demand Will Continue to Grow

Sure, everyone and anyone can produce video these days. Kids are learning video editing and how to use various apps and software to get the job done before they even graduate high school and our grandparents are finding new tools and tricks of the trade which was once reserved only for professionals.

However, the acceleration of demand for video online will continue to drive up demand for professional video production. Business owners that don’t have the time to learn the latest software or figure out their camera settings will still be prepared to hire a professional video producer to help them create content that keeps them ahead of the competition. In fact, they’ll want to create more video than ever!

Niche Specific or Industry Specific Specialization will Gain Popularity

As more brands look to create more content for their audiences, we think that we’ll start to see more niche specific or industry specific specialization in the filmmaking industry.

Professional video production crews will differentiate their services to show brands that they have firsthand knowledge of their industry or niche and that they can beat out “Joe Bob’s Production Crew” that appears to do it all okay, but not do much of any of it Great! 

Interactive Video & Artificial Intelligence Become More Accessible

When you ask, “What is the future of video production?” It’s more like asking, what technology will be available for video producers to use in the coming years.

Most recently, we’ve seen an increase in the shift towards more interactive video content and the use of artificial intelligence in videos to drive customer interactions between the content and the brands they love.

Although things like augmented reality didn’t kickoff quite as rapidly as was originally expected, brands continue to incorporate it into their existing strategy and consumers are gaining more interest as the focus shifts to personalization of interactions and experiences. 

Instead of AI being used to generate virtual playgrounds and scenes, we’re seeing it used in more productive capacities such as to virtually integrate furnishings from an eStore into a clients home, or to virtually try before you buy in the fashion and beauty industries.

The future is really remarkable when shoppers can interact with brands and get an idea of what to expect or how to incorporate products and services into their lives before they actually commit to buying.

So what is the future of video production? While we’re not exactly sure, we believe we’re headed into a time of interactive personalization with continued influx of video production of the top most quality. What do you think?

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