What is Commercial Video Production

What is Commercial Video Production?

Commercial video production includes the development of ideas and the creation, planning, filming, and editing of short-form video content that is used to promote a product, service, or brand and includes a unique call-to-action that dictates the desired viewer response to the video.

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Commercial videos are used to promote products, services and brands through a variety of different techniques or steps. They are often shared online, on websites, or on television and can be created for a variety of different purposes.

Commercial video production includes the development of ideas and the creation, planning, filming and editing of short-form video content that promotes a product, service or brand while providing a unique call-to-action which dictates the desired viewer response to the video.

Producing a commercial video represents a great way to connect with your desired audience and deliver your brand promise. Including an inspiring call-to-action that will help your audience to know what is expected of them upon completion of the video can improve conversions of your commercial content.

What is Commercial Video Production?

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A commercial video production crew includes the essential camera operators, script writers, producers, and other talent that are involved in the production of commercial video content which can be used to connect your audience with the key messages offered by your products, services or brand. 

Commercial video production includes the following:

  • Planning of key concept and message for commercial video.
  • Creation of storyline and script for commercial.
  • Planning of location, equipment, cast and crew for commercial video.
  • Hiring cast and crew to produce commercials.
  • Identification of critical elements and visuals for the commercial.
  • Location scouting and securing of appropriate film locations or studios for the commercial video.
  • Filming of a-roll and b-roll associated with the production of your commercial.
  • Post-production editing of music, sound, and video.
  • Addition of graphics, special effects, or other features.

Brand Influence

Professionally-produced commercials can influence your target market into making various decisions that can support and otherwise assist your brand. These short, engaging promotional videos represent your brand’s core message and can be used to dictate a particular response that is supportive of your brand, products, or services.

Commercial Video Production Benefits

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Producing a commercial for your business or brand can have several major benefits.

The use of commercial video production for your brand can:

  • Boost your conversion rates.
  • Improve your investment ROI.
  • Increase search engine rankings.
  • Encourage greater social engagement.
  • Increase email click through rates.
  • Drive social shares.
  • Convey your personal message.

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