Quick Tips to Incorporate Video Into Hybrid and Virtual Events

Looking for ways to spice hybrid and virtual events? In-person events are a great opportunity but a rare occurrence with COVID-19 and changes to CDC guidelines regarding social distancing and larger crowds. However, just because your in-person events have been canceled, doesn’t mean you can’t interact with your audience and engage them with fun and interesting events that connect prospects with your brand. 

Hybrid and virtual events represent a unique opportunity to bring your prospects or customers together and engage them with your brand without requiring travel or face-to-face interaction. Incorporating video into these hybrid and virtual events provide an added opportunity for engagement without the risks. But how can video be used in hybrid and virtual events?

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Understanding Hybrid and Virtual Events

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First and foremost, you need to understand the difference between hybrid and virtual events. Traditionally, people would attend live, in-person events. We all know what those are. Now we see random terminology being juggled around — live, virtual, hybrid. What does all of this mean?

● Live Events – everyone attends, in-person, for physical presence in a single location.

● Virtual Events – people attend virtually, online, from any location they choose.

● Hybrid Events – people choose whether they attend in-person or online. Some will attend in person and others will attend online.

Deciding whether to hose a hybrid or virtual event requires some careful thought and consideration. Many find that hosting hybrid and virtual events are now preferred to live-events due to health and safety concerns.

Using Video in Hybrid and Virtual Events

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Understanding how to incorporate video into hybrid and virtual events is key to the success of these engagement opportunities. The use of video for virtual events allows you to interact with attendees in real-time while delivering an engaging and exciting experience. In fact, live video is really the best option to incorporate into a hybrid or virtual event in order to provide the same (or almost the same) level of interaction between your audience members and your brand as would be expected at an in-person event.

So, besides live streaming, how can video be incorporated into virtual and hybrid events? There are many ways to accomplish using video in hybrid and virtual events. Consider the following:

● Provide instant slide-sharing and video sharing of feeds in real-time so that attendees can interact.

● Host training sessions and webinars inside your virtual and hybrid events to train attendees on various topics.

● Use live, interactive video to engage attendees — ask questions, deliver polls, and provide virtual hands-on meetings for clients.

● Host pre-recorded videos in an interactive vault or library where virtual or hybrid event attendees can learn, interact, and get a feel for what you have to offer.

● Incorporate video into your event registration process to help attendees see the value in registering, to thank them for registering, or to encourage a ticket purchase.

● Capture live video during various stages of the hybrid and virtual events and create event recaps so that those who missed out can see the excitement in action.

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