Tips for Non-Profit Videos that will Compel Your Audience

Tips for Non-Profit Videos that will Compel Your Audience

Are you a non-profit seeking to create a compelling video that will encourage the audience to take action? No matter what your non-profit organization stands for, compelling non-profit organization videos can serve a purpose so much stronger than traditional print media. We’re showing you the following tips for non-profit videos that will compel your audience to help you get started with non-profit video storytelling that will have your viewers taking action in no time.

Define a Clear Goal

The first step to creating non-profit videos that compel your audience is to define the goal of the content. You can’t just start shooting a video without a clear goal in mind. Your video should have purpose. Consider why you want viewers to watch the video and what you want them to do after watching? Are you seeking donations? Are you aiming to build social following? Are you trying to attract volunteers? Make sure you have clearly defined the purpose of your video before you shoot.

Connect with the Audience

The next step is to emotionally connect with your audience. The best way for non-profit organization videos to connect with the audience is to tell a story. Non-profit video storytelling conveys an engaging story that focuses on real situations, characters or events that others can relate to. The idea is to have others that watch the video to feel like they understand the hardship or trouble that is mentioned in the story and see the strength in the solution. Connect with your audience by telling a story about real people.

Entice Viewers with the Intro

You have about 5 seconds to grab the attention of the average viewer. You need to entice them with the intro so that they don’t turn away and miss the key message or point of your story. Compelling non-profit videos must stand out against the crowd and keep the viewer interested for the full 60 or 90 seconds or more that it takes to deliver your key message.

The best way to get viewers interested is to start with a real life problem that people can relate to. This way they will see and think, “Wow, I have that problem too. I Wonder how they fixed it?” This keeps the viewer around. Make sure you provide details on how to solve the problem too or else you’ll leave viewers with a bad feeling about the content.

Prove Expertise

Compelling viewers to take action is about more than just sharing a message in an engaging way. You also have to prove to viewers that you are an expert on the subject matter. How will you prove your expertise? The more you can show your authority on the subject and prove what you have to say, the greater the trust will be from viewers.

Consider using customer testimonials, mission statements, and industry expert data to back up your story. This will help viewers to trust in you and value what you have to say.

Ultimately, these tips for non-profit videos that will compel your audience are just a starting point for great non-profit video production. For help creating videos for your non-profit, call Team Beverly Boy today!

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