5 Uses of Event Production Videos For Your Businesses

5 Uses of Event Production Videos For Your Businesses

Event production videos are created at most corporate events, but rarely do these major corporations take the video content and repurpose it in a way that is benefits their brand for years to come. Sadly, event production videos are often set aside, with little more than a plan to collect dust. If you’re wondering what to do with your event production videos, consider these options which will increase bottom line, maximize ROI and help you to get the most out of your event production videos.

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1.  Build Links with Keynote Session Videos from Events

You already created the keynote session video when you hosted the event, and it make a lasting impact on your audience. Now that you have the keynote session videos why not expand their value? You can build links back to your website by sharing the keynote session videos from your event to those who participated in the keynote and asking them to link back to your site. Doing so will help you to build stronger site rank while it gets your event production videos out to a larger audience and maximizes the reach for your brand — it’s a double win.

2.  Engaging Panel Discussions from Events

Did you hold a panel discussion? Event production videos that represent the recording of your panel discussions are ideal for marketing to future audience members. Further, you can expand your marketing reach if you have each member of your panel engage in sharing the video with their own audience. Your brand will be exposed to various new audience members. Plus, you can take the panel discussion content and break it down into individual website frequently asked questions and answer sessions. Your audience will love this and the hardest part (coming up with questions your audience will have interest in) is done!

3.  Product Demonstrations from Events

Did you record a production demonstration at your event? Production videos that represent production demonstrations in real-time can be used to produce future marketing materials for your audience. Use the video clips of the demo to produce unique product launch videos, social media teasers, and to create trade show display demos. You already captured the demonstration. Now it’s time to break it down into all of the different experiential marketing materials that your business can benefit from.

4.  Customer and Attendee Testimonials

Customer testimonials or attendee testimonials are important for your website, marketing future events, and for use in various other forms of production for your brand. One of the quickest and easiest to capture event production videos is the testimonial. Capturing multiple testimonial videos during the conference or corporate meeting will provide you with multiple forms of engaging content that can be used to further build out the marketing funnels for your sales team. Repurpose testimonials to be used for highlight reels or recap videos that promote upcoming events.

5.  Interview Content

Event production videos that include one on one interviews with speakers or other well-known influencers that are at your event can be repurposed for a variety of useful future materials. Share interview clips in social media posts, create blog posts that include the entire interview, or consider sharing short interview quotes in future marketing materials. If an interview takes place with someone that later becomes more powerful in the industry, your content could be invaluable for your brand.


Ready to capture event production videos that you can repurpose to maximize ROI and bottom line for your business? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call. We’ll shoot your event and help you repurpose all of the video content for each marketing need that suits your brand.

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