5 Short Informational Video Ideas for Small Business Owners

5 Short Informational Video Ideas for Small Business Owners 

Small business owners are realizing the impact that video content can have on their ability to reach people and it’s huge. If you’re not already producing short informational videos to share with consumers, you’re missing out on upwards of 500 million hours of video that is consumed on a daily basis. Now more than ever, small businesses need to be using short informational videos to reach consumers who are stuck at home with nothing else to do but check on the brands they love. Consider these 5 short informational video ideas for small business owners to succeed. 

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1. Short Product Demos 

Product demo videos represent a way for consumers to connect with your brand and learn more about it without leaving their home. In a time where social distancing and shopping outside the home has been dramatically scaled back, product or service demo videos have the power to connect small businesses with the consumers most interested in their products. These short information video ideas are some of the easiest to produce and most profitable for your brand. 

2. How-To Videos 

Businesses of all shapes and sizes benefit from producing how-to videos. These short, informational video ideas can be as complex as showing how to dig deep and use advanced services or features of a product or they can be as simple as how to use basic features or services offered by your brand. Focusing the how-to content on voice related searches relative to your brand will help you to maximize your mobile reach to a wide audience. 

3. Testimonial Videos 

Short informational video ideas that focus on sharing live testimony of the happiness your products or services provided for a consumer will boost credibility and trust in your brand. Consider sharing testimonial videos on your social medial profiles, your website, and in your newsletter or email marketing campaigns to get the most benefit from this content. 

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4. Benefits Videos 

Does your product or service provide a specific benefit to consumers? Of course it does! Now, think of what that benefit or those benefits are and share them in a video. Benefits videos for small business owners work well to be placed on a website, product page, service page, or landing page. Sharing your corporate benefits with consumers is one of the most profitable short informational video ideas in terms of boosting website exposure and reach for your brand. 

5. FAQ Videos 

Consumers have questions, you’ve got the answers. Short informational video ideas that focus on delivering the brief answers to consumer questions about your products, services, operating hours, or other common questions related to your brand help to save time and boost consumer trust in your brand. Give consumers what they want, answer their questions in video form, and watch your new inquiries go up.

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