5 Reasons to Hire Video Content Service Providers in 2023

Video accounts for approximately 80% of internet traffic and this rate continues to grow. Businesses that incorporate video into their marketing campaigns stand to gain consumer interest, stronger reach, and sales. Those are just a few of the reasons why many businesses choose to hire video content service providers. If you’re not sure whether to hire a professional to produce your video content, consider these top reasons to hire video content service providers in the new year.

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1. Increase Brand Reach

Videos can increase your brand’s reach significantly more than written content or still images, especially when shared on social media.

Videos that are posted to social media have the power to be shared at least twice as often as still images and significantly more than a written post.

If you’re trying to increase your reach, hiring video content services providers can help you achieve that goal.

2. Increase Conversions

A video that is added to a landing page can increase conversions by as much as 80%. But hiring video content service providers won’t only help you to increase your conversions on landing pages.

The addition of video to an email campaign can increase conversions by up to 400%. Click-through rates increase significantly when a video is included in a campaign.

3. Increase Sales

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In a recent study, 74% of consumers admitted to making a purchase after they watch a video. In fact, when you hire video content service providers you’re increasing your chance to drive sales for your brand.

Video content that directly connects with the consumer and encourages their interest in your products and services will increase sales.

4. Build Consumer Trust

When you hire professional video content service providers to help you produce videos you are creating an opportunity to build consumer trust in your brand and trust happens to be the foundation that you need for increased conversions and sales.

Testimonial videos, demo videos, and case study videos have all been found to boost consumer trust in the brands and products that are sold both online and offline. 

5. Increase Search Engine Rankings


Google has voiced their love for video in several ways, specifically in terms of how they rank websites and webpages that include video.

In fact, hiring video content service providers will help you to increase search engine rankings for your product pages, landing pages and other aspects of your website. 

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