5 Reasons to Hire Training Video Production Companies amid COVID-19

5 Reasons to Hire Training Video Production Companies amid COVID-19 

If COVID-19 has you all but excited, you’re not alone! We’re all trying to learn how to navigate new ways and new social norms. One of the new things businesses are facing is the challenge of continued corporate training without putting undue pressure or potential dangers in front of employees. If you’re wondering how to train your personnel safely and efficiently, consider these 5 reasons to hire training video production companies amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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1.Safe, Hands-Off Training 

Training video production companies are able to come in and help you create training video content for your business to keep employees safe without requiring multiple employees and a trainer to be in the same small area together. This reduces the risk of transmitting COVID-19 without reducing the amount of training that your employees receive. 

2.Individualized Employee Training Sessions 

When you hire training video production companies like Team Beverly Boy to help you out you can rest assured that each employee is going to receive the individualized training sessions that they deserve without placing your staff in immediate danger. Employees can train from home, the office, or anywhere that they have access to watch the video content that you have created. 

3.Social Distancing Accepted 

Training video production companies are heavily focused on social distancing now just like your business is. When you hire a company to create employee training content for you, you can be certain that social distancing rules are being followed. Further, producing training video content represents a way for you to share with your employees and other consumers your commitment to social distancing norms — this will show that your brand is responsible and trying to slow the spread of COVID-19. 

4.Ongoing Improvement & Employee Retention 

Hiring a training video production company like Beverly Boy Productions allows you to continue your ongoing improvement of your employee training program which can help you to retain more employees too. Statistically, brands that retain employees are able to spend less on hiring and training over time. This is a huge win for your business. 

5.Core Message Delivery Despite Distance 

Training videos allow you to deliver your core message to employees that are scattered all across the state, country, or world. This means you can rest assured that your message will be consistent despite any distancing that may be in place for your brand. Training video production companies will work with you to ensure your message is being delivered in a safe, controlled, and efficient manner. You can’t go wrong! 

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