Top St. Paul video production insights 2018 – Trends You Want to Be Aware Of

Video trends in 2018 are certainly different than they were before, even last year. For example, in the past year, there were only about 61 percent of companies that were actually using video to reach their audience. Now, this percentage is well over 80 percent. So, if you’re thinking about hiring a Top St. Paul video production company to start a video campaign, you’re not only making a wise decision and investment, but you’re ensuring that you stay in the game. When looking for the ideal St. Paul video production agency to hire, make sure to pay attention to the following trends to ensure your company’s success.

Wow Your Customers With Video Production

One of the biggest things that is happening with film campaigns these days is that companies are engaging with their audience through video and social media. An example of how you can use video to reach customers in a more personal way is to hire a a full service St. Paul video production company that can help you create fascinating video content that can be placed directly on your website or app. Your client enters their relevant information and the video is made to reflect their individual information. This makes your video production a more personal experience, so if you think that this could work out well for your business, make sure that you find a video producer that has experience in website video production. We can help, serving the entire eastern Minnesota area including Minneapolis, Plymouth, Eden Prairie, and Eagan.

Film a Story With A Video Production Studio

In the past, many St. Paul video marketing companies created campaigns by only using one film. Now, in 2018, we see a lot more companies using several short films to tell a story over time and multiple platforms. It doesn’t matter if you run a business in Ramsey County or an advertising agency on Walnut Street or Lynnhurst, it’s a good idea to look for a company who has obvious experience in digital marketing in Eastern Minnesota. This will help you to not only captivate customers, but it can also help you to reach more people than you would otherwise. If you want to do this right, look for a trustworthy video production studio who can create short films. You don’t just want to look for any video company, but rather one that is actually full service video production studio. You are going to need a company that can help you with creating multiple videos.

Creating Hybrid Video Production Services in St. Paul

Just as capturing the attention of your customers is important, so is intriguing them. This is why you may want to consider using hybrid video production services. You may not have heard of hybrid video production until now, but it can be used when you need to combine both live events with quality video elements. For example, an experienced St. Paul production house can add a  chyron or lower third to your stream or if you are doing a webcast streaming, you can also post a lower third graphic invites your customers to visit your blog through a call-to-action message. Live streams are super popular nowadays, so when you choose a Top St. Paul video production company that knows how important streaming and webcasting is, you can stay on top of your game.

Find Film Production Companies That Help With Micro Films

In the era of information, consumers want more than just to watch information. They want to see it as quickly as can be, so creating videos that last only about 15 seconds is the way to go. While you may wonder how you’ll be able to create a corporate video that is so short, the best  St. Paul film production companies are specialized in such films, so you can only imagine how wise it would be for you to invest in top film production companies in St.Paul that have experience in producing short-films for social media sites. After all, social media is where most people view videos these days, so go ahead and look for a creative agency that understands the value of proper video marketing in 2018.

Hire a St. Paul Production Company To Film Live Interviews

You have probably watched plenty of “Live” videos on your social media. Did you know that this is actually a good idea for your company to participate in? Many companies are staying on the cutting-edge, simply by tapping into the latest trends in 2018. When you choose to do a live video for your company, you’re going to want to hire a St. Paul production company that can film live interviews. You’ll have the production company do the hard work of setting up the live stream, while you do the work of working with a staff member to interview you or tell a compelling story to your consumers. Your audience will love getting to see a glimpse of your everyday workings, as it makes your company more personable. If you hope to use this type of video often, make sure to find a Top St Paul video production company that can be available for you at any time for your live interviews.


Find a St. Paul Video Production Agency That Can Do Blogging

You may not think of a St. Paul video production agency when you think of video, but in today’s market, combining video and blog posts to tell a story is a highly effective way to reach more people. You’ll want to look for the top production companies in St.Paul that can create short films that include an invitation to visit your blog or website. This will help bring more traffic to your blog. A reliable video production agency can help you post these videos on your blog, which can help to captivate your audience with quality content. Consumers love to get to know the companies that they want to do business with, so if you can entertain and captivate them quickly, you’ll be able to grow your brand. This is why video is a great method to use.

Choosing a Top St. Paul video production company


When looking for a Top St. Paul video production company that can help you create incredible corporate videos, you don’t want to just look for random “production companies near me.” You need to be sure that the company you’re interested in has experience in the latest video trends that will set you apart from competitors. At Beverly Boy Productions we know how to use film to keep you ahead of the game.

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