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Top Houston Video Production Insights 2019 – Trends To Use

 The video trends that you will want to use for your campaigns in 2019 are going to depend on how you use video to reach your viewers. Last year, roughly 60 percent of companies used video campaigns, but this year, that number is well over 80 percent and rising. This means that you need a Top Houston video production company to help you stay in the game by creating a video campaign that will wow your viewer. When deciding what Houston video production agency to work with, check out some of the trends that are popping up in films to see if any will work for your company.

Engaging Through Video Production

Engaging your consumers through social media and apps that help you personalize video content is a trend that is rising in popularity.  An example of this is when a full-service Houston video production company produces a video production for you to place on your website. Your consumer will input their information into a social media form, website form, or app that connects to the video and that date will then be placed in the film, making it seem as if the film was made directly for them. If you want to utilize this service for your business, work with a video producer who really knows website video productions so that the app or form and video are all synced and done properly.


Choose A Video Production Studio That Does Short Films

Longer films to develop a corporate campaign were what Houston video marketing companies did in the past, but in 2018, the trend is to build a storyline through smaller films that get posted on various platforms at one time. You can run a popular business in Harris, or an advertising agency on Crawford in downtown, but to advertise them in a campaign, you need to hire a company that has a proven record with digital marketing in South Texas because they will need to know how to place your films where consumers can find them. You will also want to hire a video production studio who specializes in these short films. While you can hire any old video company, a full service video production studio will provide you with everything you need to create a series of films that are cohesive and flow properly.

Choosing Hybrid Video Production Services in Houston

Do you want to give your consumers something to talk about? Live events are great, and so are videos, but combining them? That is where hybrid video production services come in to give you the best of both. Hybrid video production means adding video elements to live streams or webcast streaming. Choosing a Top Houston video production company that knows hybrid services is important to get this trend right. A Houston production house that can add in video elements, like a chyron or lower third, to a stream, or insert a lower third graphic while a live event plays, is how you take on this trend and make it perfect.

Film Production Companies That Know Micro-Films Have a Large Impact

With everything getting busier, and film getting more elaborate, you can make things a little simpler for yourself and your consumers by jumping on the trend of micro films. These films, which generally run less than 30 seconds, can really have a big impact on a campaign. When deciding to go with this trend, choosing a Houston Film Production Company that specializes in short films is going to be a no-brainer. Film production companies in Houston that also have a strong social media presence and know how to operate social media sites are also going to be a strong candidate for creating these micro films for your campaign, because social media is where these films are most often seen. It also makes it easy for your consumers to share the film’s, doing the work for you, so when you work with a creative agency that understands the impact that micro films can have on your company, they can help you come up with a video marketing campaign that is going to jump start your success in 2019.


Book a Houston Production Company That Does Live Interviews

One of the hottest trends that many corporations are jumping on in 2018 is one that you’ve probably already done in your personal life. Whenever you create a live video, you are opening up your company to be viewed in real-time by your consumers, which really resonates with your customers and makes them feel as if they are able to relate to you. Of course, you don’t want to do your corporate live video through a cell phone, so working with a Houston production company is going to be essential in making this trend look great. The production company you choose simply needs to set up the live stream for you while you handle the rest. You want to make this look as authentic, and not perfect, as possible. You can set up a livestream to do interviews, discussions, and even panels, as long as the content you have to discuss is relevant and interesting to your consumers. Choosing a top Houston video production company that is close to you is going to make the process easier, because they will be available to do live interviews whenever the need arises.

Decide On A Houston Video Production Agency That Gets Blogging

Almost everyone knows what a Blog is, but not everyone knows how to use them properly. Corporations aren’t usually known for having an updated blog, but companies today definitely need to have them. Studies have shown that corporations who have an up-to-date, interesting, and informative blog also have consumers who are more likely to follow them on social media and see their advertisements and other corporate campaigns. You can hire Houston video production agencies that will assist you in creating videos that go along specifically with your blog posts. When you work with the top production companies in Houston, you have chosen some of the best talent in the field, and you have options to create a blog that highlights the video you are creating, or you can create a film that highlights your blog. Either way, when you work with a creative video production agency, they can help you tailor your blog and your films to run smoothly with one another.

Now that you have done your research on the Top Houston video production company that is able to help you with the trends you want in your corporate video campaign, you know that simply searching for “production companies near me” won’t help you select the best one, anymore. A company that knows all the trends, knows corporate videos, and knows how to use the best trends in corporate videos to make your brand stand out is the best one for you, and a better investment of your time and money. Beverly Boy Productions is that company, and we are ready to create the cutting-edge, advanced film campaign your company needs.

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