COVID Safe Video Production in London

COVID Safe Video Production in London, UK

When Coronavirus attacked economies throughout major countries worldwide it was quickly realized that practices and guidelines would be required to ensure COVID safe video production in London, UK.

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Film London in conjunction with the WHO worked to define practices and guidelines for COVID safe video production throughout London. At Beverly Boy Productions, we closely follow World Health Organization guidelines for COVID safe video production practices. 

COVID Safe Video Production Practices

The World Health Organization in conjunction with Film London encourages COVID safe video production in London.

Together, these organizations require that filmmakers follow the the below essential rules and responsibilities:

-Require cast, crew, and contractors to be educated on their responsibilities for assessing risks for COVID-19 transmission.

-Avoiding any last minute changes to shoot times, setting, or other requirements to reduce the risk of transmission.

-Requiring all cast and crew to be 2 meters away from others while filming, including public, residents, businesses and others.

-Taking added precautions when cast, crew and contractors cannot maintain social distance. 

-Encouraging rigorous cast, crew, and contractor protocols regarding sanitization, disinfection, and cleaning of work surfaces, equipment, and location.

-Displaying signage to educate of COVID-19 safety precautions and the standards enacted to encourage sterile work conditions.

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COVID Safe Video Production Drop Kits

Beverly Boy Productions delivers video production drop kits for the filmmaking safety of those seeking professional video when visiting the film set or studio is not possible or might be unsafe.

Our video production drop kits are:

-Delivered using contactless delivery methods for the safety and health of cast and crew.

-Ready to use in your home, office, or similar location.

-Feature essential disinfection and proper timing to keep equipment sterile and ready for next use.

-Ready for professional quality production and include essential equipment for successful shoots.

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