8 Types of Educational Videos

Various types and styles of video content are created on a daily basis, especially here at Beverly Boy Productions. In fact, we get all sorts of questions from clients asking us what types of educational videos we create and what we think is most effective or efficient.

The truth is, each type of video has strengths and benefits depending on the client needs. Sometimes, a mix of formats and features is best. Other times, simple and straightforward will do. Check out these 8 types of educational videos and what each means for your brand.

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#1. Screencast Videos & Slides

The screencast and slide version of an educational video is one of the simpler forms of content but it can also be one of the least engaging or exciting for your brand. Screencasts are ideal for teaching when paired with narration or a lecture component that delivers the key topic. These are easily created with a simple script and related visuals so that the slides and voiceover can be synced.

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#2. Talking Head Videos

Featuring a person, usually from the head up, talking on the camera, these types of educational videos often include mixed use of animations of images to break up the view. They take a little longer to produce but the end result is certainly more creative and engaging than the slide.

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#3. Interview Videos

Sometimes the best types of educational videos are the interview. Interviews showcase one or more people answering questions that formulate the total coverage of the topic or lesson being taught. Interview videos require essential planning and the overall preparation of questions to produce a flow that is engaging and interesting for the audience.

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#4. Documentary Videos

These types of educational videos are fun to create and engaging for the audience. They have the power to captivate the viewer with a story and keep the audience interested longer term. Use case study videos for in-depth education on important topics.

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#5. Animations

The animation video is one of the best types of educational videos for explaining complex topics. Animations involve sketching or otherwise depicting concepts in a way that breaks them down into easier to understand visual pieces that are engaging and fun.

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#6. Simulations

Great for teaching concepts in science or similar subjects, simulations showcase how a process or event takes place with a step by step representation on the camera. These types of educational videos are demonstrative of essential elements that make learning engaging and fun.

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#7. Classroom Video Recording

If you’re already teaching in a classroom, this type of educational video can provide an extension of your teaching so that a single class can be taught several times over with one video. While not always as interesting as a story or animation, classroom videos showcase learner interactions and questions which add a level of interest for your audience

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#8. Light board Videos

Similar to the Whiteboard Videos or presentation in which the teacher draws out the explanation of what should be taking place for the student, light board videos are ideal for math and science related equations that require equal talk with students and drawing or problem solving. Consider these types of educational videos for algebra, symbols, or equations that will be sparingly included in your delivery of training.

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