Omnichannel Video Content Strategy- 5 Tips for Producing Diversified Video Content

Omnichannel Video Content Strategy: 5 Tips for Producing Diversified Video Content

Now more than ever before, businesses are realizing the importance of developing an omnichannel content experience. Keeping it all together, across all the different digital spaces and platforms, can be tough. Adding video to the mix is both beneficial and equally challenging as it creates another layer of content that businesses must organize and align with their existing campaigns. If your business doesn’t already have an omnichannel video content strategy, you could be missing out on a lot of opportunity to connect with your audience and align the key offerings of your brand. 

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At Beverly Boy Productions, we frequently discuss omnichannel marketing with our clients as we approach new ways of incorporating video into their existing marketing and advertising campaigns. The goal is to use your visual assets across all platforms to share a cohesive story that represents your brand. To learn more about how to incorporate video into your existing strategy, give us a call at 888-462-7808!

These tips will help you to diversity your video content marketing efforts while maximizing reach for your brand and delivering your core message through a cohesive story.

1. Think About All the Different Platforms You Can Incorporate Video Into

First, think about all the different opportunities that your brand has to incorporate video into existing campaigns to boost your brand’s presence.

Your omnichannel video content strategy should include your website and social media, but what about using video to drive email campaigns, sharing videos in your app (if you have one), and including videos in your in-person customer experiences?

Incorporating video into all of your appropriate marketing channels to create a seamless brand experience both online, and offline, for your customers.

2. Start With a Carefully Planned Campaign 

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While it may seem like a dream come true to have access to more platforms and means of reaching customers than ever before, a haphazardly planned media campaign can quickly become more of a nightmare than a dream.

A carefully-planned omnichannel video content marketing campaign is important. The goal is to define the path of the customer’s journey in such a way that each platform or touchpoint supports the previous and encourages promotion to the next touchpoint driving the consumer further down the marketing funnel.

This is an incredibly technical process that requires extensive understanding of funnels and campaigns. You might find it beneficial to hire a professional to help with this!

3. Deliver Core Branding & Messaging Throughout

As you create video content for your omnichannel marketing campaigns you should be thinking about what your overall core message is and how your branding will be incorporated.

The key to success with this type of marketing is to ensure a unified message theme and branding that is in sync throughout the campaign regardless of what touchpoint the consumer is interacting with.

From your website to your emails to your in-store shopping experiences, your video content should carry a unified message with equally-unified branding

4. Repurpose Content Across Various Channels to Maximize Reach

Repurposing your content across various channels represents a great way for you to stretch your resources and maximize reach for your brand.

When you create a video that does great on your website or on social media, why not recreate it or take parts of it to be used in your email campaigns or across your SMS messaging or in other touchpoints of your omni channel campaigns?

Turning all that work that you already did into multiple pieces of unique content that can be used across various platforms will help you to maximize your ROI, keep your customers engaged, and build out your omnichannel marketing campaigns.

5. Use Video to Deliver Personalized Content

One of the greatest customer benefits to an omnichannel video content strategy is that, done right, they get a seamless experience across multiple channels or touchpoints where they can interact with the brands they love.

The customer also gets a personalized experience that they can grow more connected with as they continue to interact and communicate with the brand. Using video to deliver personalized content experiences to your customers is important, but how?

Consider videos that are targeted by demographics, geographic region, and other key identifiers that you can gather as you get to know your audience and learn their preferences. The more you can personalize the journey, the happier your client will be!

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