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Components of Successful Corporate Video Marketing

The success you have online with online video content is really dependent on just a few things. Most important though, is quality! In fact, great online video content often includes these top 5 major features, each with a very strong focus on–you guessed it! Quality.

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Below, we’re showing you how quality planning, production, distribution, engagement, and content sharing can help you be successful with video content online. Follow these top features and your online video content will literally be on its way to top rankings, reach and ROI.

1. Proper Planning

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How you plan your online video content definitely defines how your content performs. Online videos that are planned long before the cameras start rolling have the power to meet predefined objectives and exceed expectations.

As you plan your video content for online distribution, consider branding and any other elements that are relative to your campaign in order to make your video a success. You may even find that creating more than one video is a nice idea that allows you to incorporate several elements for maximum success when reaching different audiences and interests.

Write a script and make sure it targets your audience. If you haven’t already planned your target audience, now is a good time to do that too!

2. Pre-production, Production and Post-Production

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Your online video content must be produced in a professional manner so that your audience can see your mean business. Consumers expect you to adhere to the same or higher levels of business standards when online. They see online video content on a daily basis and will quickly call out poorly produced work! Now is not the time for a DIY job!

Consider wording your message appropriately so it’s not too long. The best online video content is short and bitesize or snackable. Anything over two minutes is probably way too much for online unless you’re targeting a unique set of viewers in a rare circumstance.

3. Distribution Plan

How you distribute your online video content plays a role in your reach, who sees your content, and how well it is perceived or received. Don’t just post your video on your website and call it a day! Consider distributing the content on YouTube, Hulu, social media, RSS feeds or even in your email signature or various other areas.

Distribution should start relatively small with the locations that you are most well informed of and then you can branch out. Target the groups you know first, then expand.

4. Audience Engagement

How your audience engages with or interacts with your online video content will determine whether they follow through with your CTA or not. A viewer that does not engage is almost certainly not going to call you after the video stops or click on a link at the end. However, viewers that remain engaged and ready to interact with the video throughout the entire film are highly likely to follow through on your CTA.

5. Social Sharing

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How your online video content is shared, for successful corporate video marketing, literally sharing is the key determinant as to whether the content will “go viral” or not. Viral content is shared over and over again.

If your goal with online video content is to generate leads, you probably don’t want to “go viral” and you should consider other ways to produce videos that a wide audience understands without the focus on viral sharing.

However, if you are really aiming for your online video content to go viral, sharing should be your focus. Make sure your video is delivered in a mobile format that is easily shared and watched on all devices. Use links to improve the share ability making it easy for viewers to perform the desired action.

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