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6 Step Process Shows You How to Get Started with Video Marketing

Generating business for your brand involves consistent marketing and planning to drive customers into your stores, to your website, or towards picking up the phone to purchase from you or set a service appointment. This 6 step process shows you how to get started with video marketing.

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Follow along and we’ll drive you through the process of choosing the right type of video, keeping your video content focused, and ultimately optimizing your video content for SEO to get the most out of your marketing spend.

Step 1: Choose Your Video Content Type

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The first step to getting your video marketing process up and running is to determine which type of video you intend to create. Check YouTube and you’ll quickly see that there are literally thousands of different types of videos available and, chances are, there are equally as many in your industry or niche.

So, with all this competition, what should you do?

Consider choosing marketing video content that you can produce for YouTube, Social Media, or other areas of your business marketing campaigns that will target your audience appropriately.

Is your audience mostly on Facebook? If so, you definitely want to target and tailor your marketing videos for Facebook. Is your audience mostly professional and on LinkedIn? If so, you need to produce video marketing content that targets LinkedIn.

Video marketing campaigns that focus on where their audience stands and is most likely to be fond are most effective.

Step 2: Always Stay Short and Simple

One thing that comes up when discussing marketing content is “keep it short and simple.” The phrase comes up over and over again. Keeping your content, video marketing content included, short and simple is all about focusing on what message you’re trying to deliver, why, and how it will impact your brand as well as your audience.

Short marketing videos are ideal because they don’t demand extensive time from your audience. They get the point across, and deliver important information with little fluff or added detail that isn’t necessary.

Step 3: Deliver Quality Entertainment for your Audience

Your audience came to you for a reason. Don’t waste their time! Always deliver quality content to your audience in order to make your video marketing content most effective and appreciated by your users! If you’re not immediately showing your audience that you value their time, and that you care, you’ll lose them!

Delivering quality video marketing content is all about educating your audience and entertaining them. Knowing who your audience is, how they respond, what their needs are and how you can provide a solution to their problem will help you to deliver appropriate niche content via video and written content marketing campaigns.

Step 4: Provide a Solid Video Marketing Strategy

What are you doing to ensure your video marketing success takes off? Are you taking steps to reduce the risk of video content that goes nowhere or simply gets lost in the mix? If you’re not worried about your video marketing strategy upfront, underlying video content may get lost in the proverbial SEO mix.

As you work on a video marketing strategy that will be ideal for your business, consider the following:

  • Whether the content you are creating, via video and written, is ideal for your audience.
  • Whether the video content you create is targeted to a single audience.
  • Whether your video marketing content is appropriate to the audience.
  • Whether you have provided video marketing content that is in line with your goals.

Step 5: Quality Trumps Quantity

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The quality of the content that you include in your video marketing campaigns will always be more important than the quantity.

In fact, as you work to provide top quality video content to your audience, make sure that you focus on the following to ensure top quality:

  • A less is more approach.
  • A focus on your audience, nobody else.
  • The use of top quality video production resources, not a cell-phone!
  • Hiring a video production crew or a camera crew near you.
  • Planning your content and taking the time to produce quality content.

Step 6: Video Optimization

The steps you take to optimize your videos will play a long term role in the quality and effectiveness of your video marketing campaigns. As you work to post your content online, make sure that you are optimizing your videos to get the most reach and digital benefits out of it.

Video optimization best practices may also include:

  • Using optimized titles and descriptions for your YouTube videos.
  • Including transcripts and additional descriptions or titles and subheadings with your online videos.
  • Offering hashtags and keywords that are directly connected to your videos on social media channels.
  • Including appropriate image alt tags with videos that are included on your website.

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Following these processes will help you to not only get started with your video marketing, but to achieve success with the video marketing campaigns that you active work on. Ready to start making video content for your marketing campaigns? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call at 888-462-7808! We can’t wait to get started with you!

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