4 Quickly Emerging Video Trends for 2023 and What They Mean

There are literally always new ideas popping up in the area of video production or video marketing. In fact, the rise of video use on the internet has really given way to all sorts of new trends and opportunities. As we watch video evolve, so too does the style of content that is produced for those videos. Where we once spent hours watching infomercials and crazy sales tactics being preached via do it yourself professionals, we now spend countless hours watching 15-30 second clips of everything from Vlogs to viral videos to dance tricks. There’s no question that video trends for 2023 will likely be amazing and interesting, but what are they, and what do they mean?

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And, more importantly — should your business even get involved?

At Beverly Boy Productions, we’re frequently asked about video trends when a new years comes around. Business owners often want to know what the trends are, and what they should prepare for – or if they should get involved at all.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of some of the fastest emerging video trends for 2023 and what each of them means to you and your business:

1. Temporary Videos

Do you really want to put production dollars into a video that is “temporary?”

That’s a big question that many brands will face in 2023, but it appears that the influx of Snapchat Stories and similar “temporary” video content will continue to take over much of the internet viewing space.

So if you want to be on trend and connect with those that are interested in the latest and greatest that the internet and video content have to offer — then you’re going to have to get in board with temporary videos. 

As of the end of 2020, more than half of all businesses had produced a story on Instagram. Businesses that are not using stories are standing to lose out, but there’s still time.

Consider timely, polished temporary videos for your branded channels on Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms in order to boost your sales. Believe us, it’s worth it to get involved.

2. TikTok Videos

TikTok Video Production

For a very short period in 2020 we thought that TikTok may get taken away and we watched as teens and young adults stressed as if they were to lose something extremely important to them — they were, they were about to lose TikTok! 

However, the explosive short interactive-style video platform is still around which means brands that want to reach this demographic really need to get on the ball.

TikTok is not just about dancing in random formats and pulling off crazy pranks – it’s about short, entertaining or otherwise useful content, being delivered in a fun and engaging manner.

Brands can stand to get involved with these quickly emerging video trends for 2023 if they want to stay a few steps ahead of the competition.

3. 360 Degree Videos

While there are no guarantees whether or not 360-degree videos will make it to mainstream marketing for 2023, there are some interesting promises that show potential for this style of video to hit the mark.

We saw Toyota use 360-degree video tours of their factory and we’ve seen some other mainstream use of it recently which signifies that some competitors could be considering further use of this interesting video production trend. 

If you’re not sure what 360-degree videos are, they’re basically a full-circle view of your surroundings, wherever that may be, and they trend is almost certain to grow for the use of creating real estate video content, travel videos, and other forms of innovative videos that can show off products, services, or locations online.

4. Emotionally Connecting, Silent Videos

We saw the rise of the silent video quite significantly in 2022, but it’s likely to be even stronger in 2023.

Facebook is behind the start of these video trends of 2023, but other social channels have also followed suit.

What are Silent Videos?

They’re the style of emotionally connecting content that many brands have turned to following the auto-play feature that started last year on Facebook and caused any video that had sound to start loudly playing when a viewer scrolled by it online.

The result was often an awkward glare from someone nearby as the viewer didn’t realize they were in for a loud treat — and the result is that many brands started producing silent video content to avoid this problem.

Showing your audience what you’re trying to say become extremely popular and will continue to be a huge trend in 2023. No more lengthy explanations, save those for a written blog post!

Today’s top video content will deliver a silent show that dictates exactly what you want to share with your audience — who’s on board?

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