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History has proven how important it is to take action to prevent dangerous viruses from causing more harm and keeping it contained. The phenomenon known as “Flattening the Curve” has become an important household word during this time of COVID-19. Sadly, many centers for learning, from colleges to universities, are looking at the serious possibility of remaining shut for two months or even longer. Classes, though, must go on. From Brunel University to King’s College London, the responsibility of flattening the curve is in the hands of many schools turning to the web for teaching. This is why the idea that all the colleges and universities live stream in London could help keep more people healthy and also prevent long-term university closures.  


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Flatten What Curve?

The “Curve” is what could happen if COVID-19 continues to infect people as fast as it was before preventative measures were enforced. This idea “flattening the curve” is what is happening right now with orders of social distancing and shelter in place around the country. This is the term used for avoiding what would be draconian measures of enforcing lockdown around the nation.

What could happen without these preventative measures is that COVID-19 in the UK would spread so quickly and intensely that our hospitals wouldn’t be able to take care of sick people who need to be treated. Even the measures in place right now haven’t been as effective as hoped from preventing the rise of the sickness but fortunately, there is still yet to be a huge impact on the health system, nationwide. We all hope it remains this way.  

Flattening the curve

Flattening the curve” and how we all enact it in our lives will make a huge difference in how many people die from Coronavirus during this time. Health officials have long used the term “to flatten the curve” but it wasn’t until the arrival of COVID-19 to London soil that we’ve started using it as a household word.  

The idea is that, if we can “flatten the curve” then thousands of people getting sick with Coronavirus can be avoided. The fear of thousands of infections at once is largely due to the fact that the healthcare system isn’t ready or prepared for the quantity of sick people that could need treatment for COVID-19. Schools closing their doors to students is a big step towards preventing this contagious disease from infecting thousands and why online classes are so important during this time.  

This is why the idea that if we have colleges and universities live stream in London we can help to flatten the curve of this sicknesses that has taken the world by storm.

Live Streaming Classes for Colleges & Universities

Live streaming classes were already taking place before Coronavirus. Many students would attend classes online anyway, especially if they were students with busy schedules. A lot of college students appreciated the versatility provided by studying online.

Live streaming for schools can include a lot of things. From a class to admission courses, there are many reasons why online streaming can help students keep on top of their learning and classes. It may be a daunting task but as social distancing continues to be necessary, many students are happy to adapt to this new way of studying and even the freedom that it provides.

Live Stream Benefits: 

If colleges and universities live stream in London, there are many benefits to be gained that help students grasp complex topics in a more profound way. Here are the benefits of using live stream classes for students, including:

  • Lectures “stick around” even after they’ve been given.
  • Providing long-distance learning programs that wouldn’t have been available before.
  • It allows for discuss times AFTER the lesson so that students can have more time to prepare.
  • Students can more easily retain everything they’re studying, and comprehend complex ideas better.
  • Multi-modal support for people who are non-traditional learners.

Live streaming TD

There Are More Live Stream Opportunities Than Just College Classes

At the university level, there are more options for live streaming for students. College seminars and lectures are available for providing students with the education they need to maintain their studies and “college life” even if they have to stay at home.

When life “goes back to normal” and students continue to go to campuses once again, many educational institutions will see how helpful it is to use live streaming video production in London, including using pay-per-view for sports events, which in turn will provide them with a ROI.

Here is our Live Stream Video Reel:

Ideas For the Best Live Streaming Option For Colleges & Universities

As many universities set about to live stream classes, are you curious to know “what is the best live streaming solution out there for colleges, etc.?” Every educational institution in London is unique so there is no “one size fits all.” You’ll want to work with a London live stream production provider to ensure you provide quality opportunities for your school and students.  

To find out how live streaming at your college or university can be beneficial for what is going on in the UK and in the world, and keep your school moving forward, consider getting in touch with Beverly Boy Productions a call. We can do the hard work of helping colleges and universities live stream in London, wherever your campus may be located, from Camden Town to Peckham Rye. We’d love to help you provide the best live stream classes and courses for your audience. Get in touch with us today!

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