How the Best Television Commercial Production Companies Produce Storylines

Creating a great storyline is half the battle when it comes to pre-production planning for a new commercial. Just think about all of the efforts, creativity, and ideas that come into play when producing a storyline for anything–be it a commercial, a full-feature film, or something entirely different.

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Have you ever wondered how the best television commercial production companies are able to consistently produce great storylines that captivate the interest of the target audience? We’ve got the answers!

It All Starts With The Brainstorm

That’s right! A great storyline begins with a solid brainstorm. As soon as a brand or business decides they want to produce a television commercial they begin brainstorming ideas. Most of the time, those ideas come up when the initial point of contact is made as the brand seeks a production company to work with. We hear things like: I want to produce a commercial on XYZ, and here’s what I think…it happens all the time!

Storyboarding is Essential

After we brainstorm the ideas and come up with the general foundation a script is prepared. With the script, a storyboard can be created. In fact, the storyboard is essential to the production. The best television commercial production companies will spend a substantial amount of their time in storyboarding mode.


Why? Because this is where sequences, ideas, and a cohesive storyline can come together. It’s also where any potential problems with the storyline will come up so that they can be adjusted and solved without impeding on production time & dollars.

Every Great Story Has a Signature Character

Who is the main character of your story and why? The best television commercial production companies produce storylines that include a key character that will connect with the audience. How can your audience relate to your character? This is the question that must be answered!


As you focus on producing a story that relates with the customer or audience consider both how to be personal and memorable. Great characters increase viewer engagement and produce a level of recognition that will stick with your audience.

Relevant Call-to-Action

Finally, the best television commercial production companies know the importance of producing a storyline that has a relevant call-to-action that will connect with the audience. The call-to-action must be something that you KNOW without a doubt your audience will do. You wouldn’t include a call-to-action for a children’s toy that focused on making a phone call–because this would not resonate with children that should see the commercial and then go to their parents to ask for the toy. 

Consider This

Think about your call-to-action, whether it’s calling a particular number, visiting a website, or attending a special event, it must be something that your target audience will do. Make sure that you deliver the call-to-action in a way that leaves no question for your audience about what the expectation is.

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