8 Traits to Look for in a Top Columbia Cinematographer

8 Traits to Look for in a Top Columbia Cinematographer

We hear a lot about the actors and talent involved in a film, and a lot of attention is given to the director that was involved, but rarely do we hear much (if anything) about the cameraman. What is it about the secret individual behind the lens? Who are they? What kind of person does it take to operate a camera? What traits will a Columbia cinematographer even have?

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Filmmaking is extremely creative and requires a lot of devotion as well as an intuitive attitude that is equally flexible as it is decisive. As you’re considering the various traits to look for in a top Columbia cinematographer, closely consider the role of this individual on the set.

The individual responsible for camera operation has a significant duty on the set — to get the shot, exactly how the director intends, without interruption, complaint, or any other mishap for that matter.

Here’s a look at the traits that you should expect of a successful Columbia cinematographer:

1. Patience

Long working hours behind a camera often with nothing to do but to wait requires a lot of patience.

A Columbia cinematographer will be patient when working on the set and understands that frequent need to reshoot or change and adapt in order to try again. It’s all part of the job.

2. Flexibility

A cinematographer that lacks flexibility can be like a ticking time bomb!

Most of the time, camera operators are extremely flexible beings that are perfectly accepting of the changes and adaptations that take place throughout the day in order to make the scene “work.”

3. Decisiveness

Although they are flexible, they are equally decisive. A great Columbia cinematographer knows what he or she wants and has already decided how to achieve it before they speak out.

While they may be open to change, they have no trouble deciding on what they want to make it happen.

4. Technically Savvy

BBP Cinematographer

Operating camera equipment, ensuring the appropriate lighting and precision behind the camera requires a lot of working knowledge of how the equipment and technology that is being used operates.

A great Columbia cinematographer is technically savvy and skilled at the work they do.

5. Creativity

Cinematographers use their artistic abilities and creative nature to produce a variety of shots behind the camera.

They have a creative vision that they are able to carry out just like the Director would and can understand the creative vision of others quite well.

6. Meticulous

Beverly Boy camera crew

Recognizing that tiny details being overlooked can lead to big problems in the production, a great Columbia cinematographer will be extremely meticulous.

They’ve got a strong attention to detail and can quickly spot the need for alteration or change in order to produce the desired shot.

7. Accuracy

With great precision, the camera operator carries out the instructions of the Director and orchestrates the shots that are required to deliver an exceptional view for the audience.

This takes more than just focus, it takes absolute precision of the camera operation to use the people, lighting, sound, and placement of the production to deliver the intended results.

8. Proactive

Often recognizing when a shot or scene won’t work out for one reason or another, a Columbia cinematographer will be proactive in his or her camera operations and in discussing the need for adjustments to a scene or shot in order to see the Director’s vision through.

It’s all just part of the task and represents their ability to communicate the vision to the audience. 

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