What is Sizzle Reel Video Production

What is Sizzle Reel Video Production?

Sizzle reel video production includes the in-depth planning, filming, and post-production editing that takes place in creating eye-catching, engaging promotional videos which are used to show prospective clients the creative experience and skills of the professional.

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Sizzle reels are an essential promotional tool that most creative professionals prepare in order to show off their skills, experience, and unique abilities. Similar to an elevator-pitch that you would give to a prospective client, the sizzle reel represents your short, eye-catching, engaging video that showcases underlying professional skill, background, history, and potential.

Sizzle reel video production includes the in-depth planning, filming, and post-production editing that takes place in creating eye-catching sizzle reels which can be used to potentially expand client base while demonstrating experience to prospects that may be interested in the services and skills that you have.

What is a Sizzle Reel?

A sizzle reel is like your go-to elevator pitch. It describes your history, experience, and skills in a quick, 60 to 90 second video. Representing a unique look at your past projects and advanced level skills, your sizzle reel says a lot about who you are and what you’re capable of in the industry – without actually saying it. 

Using b-roll, catchy clips, and associated techniques, animations, and voice-overs, the sizzle reel has the power to highlight many of your greatest features and benefits for the intended audience without wasting even a second.

Most sizzle reels run upwards of just over a minute, but many opt to also include a shorter version that’s ideal for use on social media and in shorter-duration advertising moments.

Producing a Sizzle Reel

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Sizzle reel video production represents a unique process of planning and filming the most valuable elements of your skills and abilities to share your story.

Largely made up of b-roll and short-clips that are pieced together in sync with some catchy music, the sizzle reel is incredibly informative, super-catchy, and showcases the best of your best. Producing a sizzle reel requires the following:


To include your most valuable skills, techniques, and abilities. Almost like a TikTok video, you’ve got to fit it all into a short, 1-minute (or so) video. Planning is essential to getting the most important parts into the program.

Knowing your audience

You might consider different sizzle reels for different audience members. For example, you would show someone interested entirely in animation a reel that focuses on that skill set rather than one that uses a single animation as the highlight. Make sure you know who you’re trying to please with your reel — and target them accordingly.


This is more than just filming a few minutes of b-roll to incorporate in. A great sizzle reel will include amazing footage that showcases your true skills and the wide range of experience that you bring to the table. Remember, first impressions are everything – make it count!


Post-production editing of the sizzle reel will make the difference between whether it amazes your audience, or leaves them wanting more and wishing they hadn’t wasted their time.

Don’t stay on a single clip for more than just a couple of seconds and make sure that your music and voice-over are in-sync with one another. It’s incredibly important to choose your song, editing, and voice-over wisely.

Sizzle Reel Video Production

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Sizzle reel video production may include a variety of interviews, music choices, creatives and concepts that make even the most mediocre of tasks or skills seem and appear miraculous. If you’re not a filmmaker, or you don’t specialize in the creation of videos, hiring a professional to help you produce a sizzle reel could save you a lot of time, hassle and money, too.

Turn to Team Beverly Boy

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Beverly Boy Productions provides full-service sizzle reel video production for clients interested in showcasing their greatest achievements and skills to entertain their prospective clients. Give us a call at 888-462-7808 to learn more about sizzle reel video production and the next steps to creating powerful marketing content for your brand.

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