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5 Tips for Effective Environmental Services Training Videos

Infection control, cleanliness and environmental services are all major elements to consider when training employees at hospitals or in various roles where risk for environmental hazard run high. The use of environmental services training videos in these circumstances can help you to train employees without paying costly training expenses each time a new employee is hired. For the most effective environmental services training videos, follow these tips to ensure proper production.

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#1 Use an Eye Catching Intro

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The most effective environmental services training videos capture the attention of the viewing audience right from the start with an eye-catching introduction. Starting the training video with an attention-grabbing intro will require a full understanding of who the intended audience is and what makes them interested in the content being delivered. Take time to define the audience and produce the eye-catching introduction that’s ideal for their needs.

#2 Deliver Topic in a Clear and Concise Manner

Your training videos cannot be overwhelming or else the viewer will not grab the value from the content. To make sure that the audience understands exactly what you are talking about and gets the most out of the content being delivered make sure you take time to outline topics and break down content in a clear and concise manner. Many environmental services training videos are delivered in sessions that start with the basics and gradually build to more complex topics.

#3 Use Animations to Explain Challenging Processes

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Many environmental services are complex processes that involve breaking down medical waste or other harmful contaminants so that they can be properly disposed. For complex processes, use animations to explain the topic and deliver the core message in an easy to understand manner. Animations paired with audio and subtitles will make the training content less complex and easier to digest.

#4 Mix Media for Ultimate Understanding

The use of mixed media in environmental services training videos will gain maximum understanding by the viewing audience. Consider the use of animations, subtitles, annotations and callouts as well as audio that engages the audience throughout the video to deliver the maximum understanding of the content. The best training videos use written, verbal, and visual media to help the audience understand the topic at hand.

#5 Get Interactive

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Interactive training videos are the most memorable. Video training series that include the ability for the consumer to interact with the content that is delivered will be most likely to be memorized for the foreseeable future.

Consider delivering your environmental training video content via an interactive storyboard that allows the viewer to choose various scenarios and see the outcome. This will help them to understand the benefits or consequences of correct or incorrect choices in environmental processes.

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