Need to hire a Nashville, Tennessee Production Company? Top 10 Jewels!

At Beverly Boy Productions, our clients know that when they need to work with a professional Nashville, Tennessee production company that we can help them out. With an abundance of country music history and great venues and local attractions, there are so many reasons why Nashville could be the ideal place for the best video production. Here are 10 reasons to hire a Nashville, Tennessee production company:

  1. Grand Ole OpryNashville, Tennessee Production Company

You know that you’ve made it as a country music star when you’re able to play at the Grande Ole Opry. Not only is this the dream location for country music singers but it’s also many film producers ideal spot for filming iconic shots for any type of commercial video production. If you’re a country music fan, you’ll have to take the opportunity to see your favorites like Brad Paisley or the Brothers Osborne while in town.

  1. Country Music Hall of FameNashville, Tennessee Production Company

As we said before, Nashville is all about that country music. Just as many an aspiring actor will go to Los Angeles to make it big, so do many country singers find their way to Nashville to become a star. The Country Music Hall of Fame is the perfect location to catch a glimpse at some of the best singers that have become stars thanks to Nashville. Full of all the information you could possibly want to see, the Country Music Hall of Fame is a must for anybody who has sang along to the tunes of some of this genre’s greats.

  1. ClimateNashville, Tennessee Production Company

When you consider filming with your Nashville camera crew, you’ll want to consider weather conditions throughout the year. Summer is the ideal time for shooting with your production team, as the weather is clear and it’s easy to capture great shots. While there have been recorded temperatures of over 107-degrees and under -17-degrees, this is not the norm at all. While it does get pretty cold in the winter, it’s still a gorgeous place to visit and to capture footage for your brand campaign.

  1. Bluebird CafeNashville, Tennessee Production Company

An iconic spot that has seen the rise of many of the most famous country singers, Bluebird Café isn’t easy to get tickets for but when you do, it’s so worth it. Small yet welcoming, a show that takes place in the Bluebird Café is one you want to see. This café has already seen the likes of top production companies, thanks to appearing on shows like Nashville.

  1. Nelson’s Green Brier DistilleryNashville, Tennessee Production Company

If you want to try some of the best Tennessee Whiskey, you don’t want to skip out on a tour of Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery. This Distillery has a history that dates back all the way to 1850, so you can only imagine why you would want to not only try the great whiskey here and even consider filming your digital marketing campaign with a Nashville, Tennessee production company here.

  1. FoodNashville, Tennessee Production Company

Nashville is known for music but did you know that it is also known for its great eats? Every Nashville production crew needs a lunch break and the following restaurants are some of our favorite in the area:

  1. Josephine: American food done right is what Josephine is all about. This chic location offering contemporary twists on your traditional American food will make you want to come back for more.
  2. City House: Rustic Italian food? Is this something that you would love? Italian dishes with a southern flare is one of the ways that City House has tricked people into wanting to try their dishes, again, and again.
  3. Bar Otaku: Located in the Gulch, you’ll love just how impressive everything is at Bar Otaku. Delectable Japanese dishes made to perfection will be hard for you to turn down.


  1. Cheekwood Estate and GardensNashville, Tennessee Production Company

55 acres of beautiful gardens, you’ll want to visit Cheekwood Estate and Gardens if you love gorgeous views and beautiful plants. Not only will you find perfectly landscaped gardens but you’ll also discover art and architecture on the grounds. In fact, if you’ve been looking for locations for filming with production companies in Nashville, this spot could be perfect for you and your favorite Nashville production team.

  1. HistoryNashville, Tennessee Production Companyza

Founded by James Robertson and John Donelson in 1779, Nashville didn’t become an actual city and county seat of Davidson County until 1806. Originally titled Fort Nashborough and named after General Francis Nash, it developed into a fast-moving and happening city by 1860. Once the civil war came along, it faced some dark days, but soon returned to it’s glorious state by the end of the 1880’s.

  1. PermitsNashville, Tennessee Production Company

When you need permits for your video production with one of the top production companies in the city, you’ll want to turn to the Office of Film and Special Events to get started on the permitting process. Things like street closures and use of equipment on public property are examples of when you’ll be needing a permit to film in Nashville.

  1. Nashville ZooNashville, Tennessee Production Company

There are always fun events going on at the Nashville Zoo. While the main attraction are the animals, you’ll also find a lot of fun things to do with your kids. From the Veterinary Center to the Teddy Bear Clinic, Nashville Zoo is a happening place and could possibly be a great spot for filming a clip or two for your digital marketing campaign with a Nashville, Tennessee production company.

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