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Looking to Hire Detroit, Michigan Production Company? Top 10 Jewels!

At Beverly Boy Productions, clients realize that we’re a highly reliable Detroit, Michigan production company. With the city’s rich industrial history, unique landmarks, and busy lifestyle, it’s a captivating destination for filming. Here are top 10 reasons to hire a Detroit, Michigan production company:

  1. Belle Isle Park

    Detroit, Michigan production company

Whoever said that Detroit wasn’t beautiful has never been to Belle Isle Park. After all, an island essentially named beautiful island better be a lovely park. 978-acres of park, this is the perfect destination for those who need some time in fresh air or for those who are wanting to do a video production project at beautiful nature spot in Detroit—which aren’t always so easy to come by.

  1. Comerica Park

    Detroit, Michigan production company


A very iconic ballpark in Detroit, you’ll need to visit Comerica Park, whether you’re a fan of the Tigers or simply enjoying catching a game every now and then. Comerica Park is even a great spot for a set or location for your project with top production companies. From the water feature to the Ferris wheel, Comerica Park is more than just a baseball field—it’s full of fun just waiting to happen.

  1. Climate

    Detroit, Michigan production company

One of the downsides to filming full service projects in Detroit is the winter season in this area. It’s quite unbearable being outside when the temperatures are reaching 20-degrees. Fortunately, summers aren’t too hot and you’ll rarely feel the weather reaching above 83-degrees, although there are some random days where 91-degrees may happen.

  1. Detroit Masonic Temple

The Detroit Masonic Temple can function as a very interesting backdrop for your brand campaign or digital marketing campaign. As one of the most unique buildings in the city and even in the state, the Detroit Masonic Temple is both historic and iconic. Built in 1926 and the largest building of it’s kind in the world, you’ll want to shoot this temple with a Detroit, Michigan production company.

  1. Detroit Public Library

    Detroit, Michigan production company

Libraries are always an iconic location for shooting with top production companies in Detroit, as well as for simply visiting and admiring. The Detroit Public Library just happens to be a very beautiful one that deserves your time and attention. From the art gallery to the architecture, the Detroit Public Library isn’t just any library.

  1. Food

    Detroit, Michigan production company

Not as known as some other cities for it’s food, you’ll still be pleasantly surprised when looking for good food in Detroit. From Asian cuisine to your favorite type of Mexican dishes, there is something for everyone in Detroit. Whether you want to feed your production team or are looking for a good spot for a lunch break, these are a few of our favorites:

  1. New Seoul Plaza is the Korean food that you’ve been hoping to find. From the tasty comfort foods that you know and love to unique creations that will make your mouth water, we love New Seoul Plaza and we think you will too.
  2. We’re not sure what kind of food you would fit The Charlevoix into but we do know this: it’s extremely delectable. From the po’boys to the tacos, and best of all the cocktails, The Charlevoix is a must-visit when you’re in Detroit.
  3. Fort Street Galley is actually a food hall but it’s certainly a food hall that you want to visit, with sandwiches, seafood, and even barbecue bites. Don’t forget to try out their cocktails and beer at this local favorite.


  1. Henry Ford Museum

    Detroit, Michigan production company

As one of the biggest automobile hubs in the country, it’s no wonder that you’ll find plenty of things to see and visit that have to with Henry Ford in Detroit. The Henry Ford Museum is full of interesting things to learn that you may have never known about Henry Ford and about the automobile industry as a whole. From unique exhibits including unique paintings and artifacts, the Henry Ford Museum isn’t only a fun museum to visit, but it’s also a highly interesting place that could be a backdrop for any kind of interview or commercial video production.

  1. History

    Detroit, Michigan production company

Founded in 1701, Detroit started out as a fort with a settlement. Over the years, Detroit became a very important industrial hub in the U.S. The heart of the automobile industry, Detroit used to be a very economically stable city, especially when Ford established the Detroit Automobile Co. in 1898. Over the years, Detroit had a lot going for it. Unfortunately, by 2013, the largest municipal bankruptcy happened. The good news is that it’s recovered a bit in the past few years and has a lot to offer, especially for those who are looking for a unique location for a project with a Detroit camera crew.

  1. Permits

    Detroit, Michigan production company

It’s important to take your time before filming to make sure that you get the right permits before you start your project with a local Detroit production studio. Some permits can take up to a month, so make sure that you do your ground work well in advance. Many permits require companies to have insurance as well. Fortunately, a top Detroit, Michigan production company will most likely have what you need.

  1. Morley Candy Factory

    Detroit, Michigan production company

Whether visiting with the kids or simply a candy lover, the Morley Candy Factory is a unique location that offers free tours of the candy factory. You’ll get to try plenty of candy and will enjoy learning about how the candy is made. If you’re looking for a unique location for your commercial video production, who says a candy factory isn’t a good idea?

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