How to Land Video Production Jobs in Pennsylvania

Whether you attend film school, work with the production crew on your school network, or are simply an aspiring filmmaker seeking his or her first real gig, there’s a lot of opportunity in the Pennsylvania video production industry.

Notorious for its competitiveness and the challenges that newcomers face in entering the industry, film production is something that many aspire to do and few go on to fully achieve. Pennsylvania is a popular area for film production but there’s also a lot of competition in the market which means it can be challenging trying to land video production jobs in Pennsylvania.

These tips from the professionals at Beverly Boy Productions will help you out.

       1. Look for Opportunities to Gain Work Experience

This is especially important if you’re looking to land video production jobs in Pennsylvania and you lack work experience. Try to find opportunities to improve your experience and to add to your resume or portfolio. Low budget films and volunteer opportunities are a great starting point.

Just make sure that anytime you provide free services the work is something that will add value to your portfolio, improve your skill set, and that you’re not being exploited. Free work should never go on for a prolonged period of time.

       2. Network with Studios, Filmmakers, and Area Professionals

Landing video production jobs in Pennsylvania is sometimes less about what you know and more about WHO you know. That’s why networking is super important. You should actively engage with studio owners, filmmakers, producers, and other area professionals throughout the state.

Connect with these professionals via social media such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This way you can be updated on upcoming opportunities and you can share your portfolio with industry professionals that may have interest in your skills.

       3. Take a Step Back to Get a Foot In

You might just have to take a step back if you want to get your foot in the door with any of the various video production jobs in Pennsylvania. What do we mean? Sometimes getting a job in video production is more about stepping back and being humble.

Instead of being focused 100% on landing a position in a key role, perhaps you could consider something more starting point with less experience and step down your expectations?  If this is what it takes to get your foot in the door and secure a position on the film set — do it!

      4. Update Your Resume & Social Profiles

Keep your resume, portfolio and social media profiles updated. Landing video production jobs in Pennsylvania can be tough, but you’ve got to stay consistent and you’ve got to keep your profiles updated with important data and insight into who you are and what you’re capable of.

If you’ve noticed that your resume isn’t getting much traction, consider hiring a professional resume writer to help you out! If your social profiles haven’t been updated recently or you’re not active, take some time out to update those — it will pay off.

      5. Stay Consistent & Persistent

Persistence will pay off, especially when trying to land video production jobs in Pennsylvania. Stay consistent with your efforts, and keep applying and networking with those in the Pennsylvania film scene. The more you get your name in front of those who are active in the industry, the greater your chances will be of getting hired.

Just keep seeking opportunities, offering your services, and doing whatever you can to land your first paid position — the sky is the limit once you find your way!

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