Minority Owned Production Company in Detroit

Are you looking forward to being part of unique brands that work tirelessly to ensure inclusivity by hiring a Minority Owned Production Company in Detroit for their video project? Or identify as a minority entrepreneur running a small business that seeks a short 30-seconds commercial for its band’s website? Are you a woman, veteran, a member of the LGBTQ community or do you identify as a member of the minority group that is seeking services from a production company in Detroit to make your dream a reality? 

Is  vendor diversity essential to you & your business, because if so, your search ends at Team  Beverly Boy an African American owned production company, that also uplifts minority groups including LGBTQ production crew members and female film crew and workers. We also service some cities like Troy, Southfield, Farmington Hills and Bloomfield Hills.

Minority Owned Production Company in Detroit

Recent advancements in the film industry have brought about diversity and inclusion although it is safe to say that, the film industry still lags behind when it comes to cultural diversity, minority inclusivity and the representation of marginalized communities. A lot more needs to be adhered to so as to overcome the “underrepresented” threshold. Our crew at Team Beverly Boy continues to encourage inclusivity. As a Minority Owned Production Company in Detroit and with more than twenty years of experience, our team can strongly stand as skilled, creative and well experienced to shoot all your film projects, large or small. Our design crew of LGBTQ production crew members, black filmmakers, and creative producers can handle all film projects within a desired deadline as well as a desired budget.

One aspect that brands need to remember is that hiring a Minority Owned Production Company in Detroit is also a way to support corporate supplier diversity and inclusivity within the film industry while allowing the minority production companies a chance to create concepts, produce innovative videos and shoot exceptional films for the businesses. We also service Lapeer, Livingston, Macomb, Oakland and Wayne.

Black Owned Production Company

By working with a black owned production company like Team Beverly Boy to establish ideologies and techniques for corporate commercials, you also get to support black creators. The initiative to support diversity also leads to economic growth by encouraging growth among minority groups.

Beverly Boy post production

The advantage of hiring a black owned production company in Detroit is much more than being accepting of various cultures.  You also benefit in the sense that Black filmmakers in Detroit who know the ideal spots for shooting will save you time by exposing you to hidden gems such as Motown Museum, the Guardian Building, the Ford Piquette Avenue and Belle Isle Park. Our black production team will help you explore Detroit where you not only get the best shooting scenes but also shoot under minimum distraction..

Consider all the merits you get from teaming up with a Minority Owned Production Company in Detroit and having a team that assists in creation of short or long that can be broadcasted as commercials, online streams or on face to face interviews. We also service 48127, 48201, 48202 and 48203 zip codes.

The following are the advantages you get from collaborating with a Minority Owned Production Company in Detroit:

  • Supplier Diversity. Working with an MBE can help diversify your clientele
  • More Opportunity. Minority-owned business can help you expand your opportunities.
  • Cost Savings
  • Innovation and Creativity.

Black Film Crew

What you will be discounted for while working with a Minority Owned Production Company in Detroit, is that Team Beverly Boy brings forth a black film crew to tirelessly get you through pre-production & story creation to post-production editing. Our team is as diverse as the businesses we have partnered with – and we look forward to continued cultural diversity even in the upcoming ventures.

If you have an upcoming film project in Detroit, you should consider employing locals as a way of uplifting vendor diversity. A minority owned business such as Beverly Boy Productions is pocket friendly, pays attention to your needs and also delivers beyond your expectations. Along the crew comes a black director & black producer as well as diverse camera crew members that bring their skills,  creativeness and expertise, to give you absolute success in your commercials..

Regardless if you need a 30-second television spot, a corporate interview, or a series of educational videos or promos for social media, employing a Minority Owned Production Company in CITY to work with is an important move for your brand to achieve business success. Call Team Beverly Boy and allow us to handle everything film production!

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