Minority-Owned Production Company in Atlanta

Would you like to ensure inclusivity by working with a Minority Owned Production Company in Atlanta for your upcoming video project? Or are you a minority entrepreneur with a small business, and you need commercial video production services for your business website? As a woman, veteran, member of the LGBTQ community, or, any minority group, are you looking for a video production company in Atlanta to share your story?

If you are interested in working on your video projects with brands that support vendor diversity, consider enlisting the services of Team Beverly Boy. We value inclusivity, vendor diversity, and collaboration with members of various minority groups. 

As an African-American-owned production company, our staff and clientele consist of female film crew, LGBTQ production crew members, and other people from minority groups. We also service Druid Hills, GA, Forest Park, GA, North Decatur GA, and Greshman Park, GA. 

Minority-Owned Production Company in Atlanta

Today, the concepts of diversity and inclusion are supported by most people, unlike in the past decades. However, this is not the case in the film industry where the representation of marginalized communities, cultural diversity, and minority inclusivity is still uncommon as these groups of people remain within the “underrepresented” threshold. Team Beverly Boy strives to support and encourage inclusivity.

With over twenty years of experience, our minority-owned Production Company in Atlanta, we are skilled at designing and creating top-quality film productions. Whether you have a large or small project, our creative team of black filmmakers, LGBTQ production crew members, and professional videographers can work with you and your budget to meet your production goals.

By paying a minority-owned production company in Atlanta for your video project, you get to support corporate supplier diversity and inclusivity and at the same time benefit from our outstanding video production services. Our highly efficient team will come up with creative video ideas and create exemplary video content.

 We also service Bartow, Cherokee, Clayton, and Cobb counties. 

Black Owned Production Company

A successful commercial or corporate video project requires proper planning to create efficient tactics and concepts. Hiring a black-owned production company such as Team Beverly Boy for your film production is a great way to support black creators. In addition, collective efforts to promote diversity and sustained growth among minority groups enable the economy to thrive. 

Beverly Boy post production

Besides fostering diversity and cultural inclusivity, hiring a black-owned production company in Atlanta has other numerous advantages. Black filmmakers in Atlanta have years of filming experience in the city and can, therefore, find great spots to shoot footage such as Senoia, Peachtree street, Smith’s Olde Bar, and Centennial Olympic Park. With the help of our black production team, you will explore hidden places in Atlanta with historical landmarks, and breathtaking scenery.

When looking for a video production firm, consider the benefits of hiring a minority production company in Atlanta. Whether you need a brief explainer video for your website, an interview, or a live stream, the type of team you choose to work with has a huge impact on your project’s outcome. We also service zip codes 30032, 30301, 30302 and 30303

The Pros of Hiring a Minority Owned Production Company in Atlanta are as follows:

  • Cost Savings
  • Supplier Diversity. Working with an MBE can help diversify your clientele
  • More Opportunity. Minority-owned businesses can help you expand your opportunities.
  • Innovation and Creativity

Black Film Crew

Being a Minority Owned Production Company in Atlanta, Team Beverly Boy features a black film crew ready to work with you in every stage from pre-production & story creation to post-production editing. We not only have a culturally diverse staff but we have also worked with clients and brands from different demographics. We aim to continue promoting cultural diversity and inclusivity. 

BBP camera crew 1-10

Do you have an upcoming video project in Atlanta? Choosing a minority-owned business will not only support vendor diversity but will also guarantee you the best content ideas, strategies, and services from talented professionals. By hiring Beverly Boy Productions, you will benefit from our crew’s expertise and logistical assistance. Our skilled team features a black producer and black director among other diverse camera crew members who will work diligently to make your project a success. 

A culturally diverse production team is vital to the success of any video project. Quality film production requires the incorporation of brilliant ideas from people of different backgrounds. Therefore, working with a minority-owned production company in Atlanta to shoot a series of educational videos, promos for social media, a corporate interview, or a brief 30-second television spot will significantly help you achieve your film production goals. Contact Team Beverly Boy today and leave everything else to us.

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