Tokyo Live Web Streaming

Tokyo Live Web Streaming 

Navigating Tokyo Live Web Streaming can be challenging. It’s a technology that has many possible obstacles and outcomes, but when you work with a team like ours, you can trust that we can take your event, message, presentation, and stream it anywhere with the quality that you’re looking for. At Beverly Boy Productions, we make sure to have everything from the best software for publishing, to our input process, to ensure that you have high levels of RAM and evaluating the upload speed; and then all the way to sharing the presentation with your audience. You’ll be involved in every aspect, from beginning to end.

Japan Live streaming personnel

The Japan Live streaming personnel that we count on a lot in projects is the Technical Director. A logistics coordinator, of sorts, he/she makes sure that the technical side of the live stream is done right. They know which software to use and what kind of equipment is adaptable for filming. They know when we need a Duel or a Quad processor and how much GB of RAM is required for quality streaming. The TD measures the upload speed against what will be required in the kind of project you’re working on and they also know how to ensure that the omnidirectional mic is putting out the proper sound along with the audio team. Technical Directors are the key players to a successful live stream experience.

Tokyo Live streaming service provider

As you try to choose the best option for your Tokyo Live streaming service provider, there are several choices available to you. You can choose from Twitch.TV,, and YouTube Live, which are some choice providers. Not every option provides the same features, like the option for PIP or to display graphs and images during the live feed and toggle back and forth. It can be hard to know what to do, but when you work with a team like Beverly Boy Productions, you don’t have to worry about anything. We’ll take care of it all, from start to finish, and we have the right equipment for bonded streaming and compatibility with Cellular 4G, Wi-Fi, USB modem, and Ethernet. We offer top quality and speed in your live stream as a company that you can trust.

Camera Gear for Professional Live Streaming

There are differences between doing a live stream with your buddies on your phone and actually reaching your clientele through a professional live stream. The latter requires top Camera Gear for Professional Live Streaming. You can get quality footage with a phone but as a top company in the area, we don’t believe in taking chances. Why should we when we have amazing gear like the Sony FS7 or the Panasonic GH5, and more? We want your project to be a success and with great equipment, we’re able to capture wider angles and even do nifty things like shoot in slow motion.

Hot spots for Tokyo live streams

Tokyo, Japan is a huge city with plenty of options for your Tokyo Live Streams. A top location is the Tokyo Conference Center located on Konan as well as the Toranomon Hills Forum Conference Center, which are both great choices for your business seminar or conference. If you’re looking for a smaller venue for your training event or presentation, there are always great hotels like the Westin Tokyo or the Grand Hyatt Tokyo, which could both offer the classiness and quality you want for your Tokyo Live Stream.


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