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Microsoft Corporation represents a multinational technology company that has headquarters in America. Over the years, Microsoft has developed and launched many different tech products ranging from consumer electronics and personal computers to software licenses and operating systems such as Microsoft Windows and the Microsoft Office suite. Recently, you might have been hearing a lot about Microsoft Live features and what they could mean for your business, but if you’re like most business owners, you’re wondering what Microsoft Live actually is and what all these “features” might mean for your brand? Here are the Microsoft Live features explained by Team Beverly Boy:

In recent times, many Microsoft services have been rebranded to include the word, “Live” within the name. For example, we once had Microsoft Windows and we now have Windows Live; we once had Microsoft Office, we now have Microsoft Office Live.

Several instances of this exist in today’s operation of Microsoft and, as a business owner, it’s important to understand how Microsoft Live features could impact your business.

When people refer to Microsoft Live, they are often actually talking about Microsoft Teams Live Events. So for the purpose of this post, we’ll focus on the features that are available to businesses that choose Microsoft Teams Live Events rather than on various other “Microsoft Live” products or services.

What is Microsoft Teams Live Events?

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Microsoft Teams Live Events is a feature that Microsoft Teams provides to allow business owners to broadcast videos or other meeting content to incredibly large audiences. The technology originated in March 2019 where it would replace similar existing capabilities of Skype Meeting Broadcast which provided a reasonably similar customer experience.

Microsoft Teams Live Events represent  unique technology that allows one-to-many communications to take place via the internet. In order for Teams Live Events to occur, there must be a host and there must be attendees of the event who are willing to participate and engage with the host’s content.

Unlike Microsoft Teams Meetings, Microsoft Teams Live Events broadcast a message to the audience with very little, if any, support for interaction. Think of it as useful for town hall-style meetings in which there is a one-to-many communication that requires very little feedback.

Microsoft Live Features

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Now that you know what Microsoft Live is, let’s take a look at home various Microsoft Live Features come into play. Since Teams Live Events are ideal for product launches, large conferences, and virtual events that host up to 20K people, organizers typically hire a professional production crew to produce content for the Microsoft Teams Live Event.

Microsoft Live features within the Microsoft Teams Live Events include:

– Choosing multiple audience connections including specified groups, groups with verified Microsoft 365 email address at your company, and open to anyone in which there is no login required.

– Split-screen presentations that allow for mixed webcam and presentation content views.

– Q&A panels that engage your audience.

– Attendee scaling up to 10K attendees.

– Event role assignments for producers, presenters, and organizers.

Unfortunately, Microsoft Teams Live Events limits the gathering of attendee information on events that are “Open to the public.” This means that you will not be able to openly collect email addresses, attendee names, or any other attendee data when using MIcrosoft Teams Live Events to host your conference or personalized live event.

Is Microsoft Teams Live Event Right For My Business?

Now that you know some of the top Microsoft Live features that are included in Microsoft Live, let’s take a look at how you can decide whether this is the most suitable live event platform for your business. Microsoft Teams Live Event access is definitely not for all businesses.

This is a potential solution for small to medium sized events that do not require advanced analytics or audience insights -but do you really want to host an event and NOT have access to your audience insights at all? Probably Not!

If you’re hosting a virtual event or conference that includes more than 10K attendees or expects the potential for a significantly larger audience, Microsoft Live features may not be suitable for you and it’s quite possible that this platform won’t be as helpful for you as some other options.

Working with a professional production crew can advance your access to Microsoft Live features in some cases. If you really want to use Microsoft Teams Live Events for your business, consider asking a professional production crew like Team Beverly Boy if they can assist you with:

– Implementing custom user registration pages into your event to encourage sign up.

– Building out custom reports that showcase user data for attendee sign-ups and post-event analytics.

– Implementing Microsoft Power BI into your event to drive intelligence gathering for future marketing.

– Organizing and producing the event so that all technical aspects are covered.

– Providing professional event management to ensure the success of your live event.

Team Beverly Boy provides a number of streaming solutions and access to various Microsoft Live features that apply to the businesses that we’re engaging with on a regular basis. To learn more about our streaming solutions and the steps that your business can take today to ensure quality live streaming production in the future, give us a call!

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