title live stream AA meetings keep recovery community connected in COVID-19 outbreak

Live Stream AA Meetings Keep Recovery Community Connected

The recovery community represents an estimated 22 million Americans, many of which attend regular NA or AA meetings in order to stay connected with others that are also recovering from addiction to drugs or alcohol. These meetings offers members a chance to interact with others that are in recovery, share their struggles, and develop coping mechanisms in the community through the use of 12-step modalities and support. Unfortunately, many AA meetings are being canceled amidst the COVID-19 outbreak and this represents a unique challenge for this very fragile community.

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Live stream AA meetings to replace the canceled AA meetings and NA meetings across the country as a result of COVID-19 represent one opportunity to keep our recovery community safe even during this difficult time.

Although many AA groups have yet to consider a long-term solution to social distancing and the need to keep people safe from this virus, Team Beverly Boy is recommending AA groups consider live stream AA meetings to keep members involved in the twelve steps while staying socially distant from others.

Benefits of Live Stream AA Meetings

AA meetings that are live streamed carry many of the same benefits that a traditional, in-person meeting would have. Members can participate actively via the chat and interact with others in the group just as they would if they were face-to-face.

Additionally, members may find that an online meeting is easier for them to attend than an in-person group, especially where rides and other concerns come into play.

AA meetings and NA meetings that are live streamed offer an informal approach to actively participating in the twelve step program. Open discussions, weekly topic coverage, and the support those in recovery are accustomed to can all be provided via the live streamed meeting.

Additionally, meeting times can be adjusted or even expanded with online, live stream AA meetings taking place. With no space to rent, many groups turn to live streaming more frequent meetings that can better accommodate members and those who choose to attend.

Live Stream Considerations for AA Leaders

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AA group leaders considering live stream AA meetings, either as a result of the COVID-19 shutdown that is taking place across the nation or for other reasons should pay special care to the following:

  • Will you offer live stream meetings on a regular basis or only during the COVID-19 outbreak?
  • Will you provide special opportunities for members to interact during live stream AA meetings?
  • How will you keep members engaged?
  • How will you actively support members, especially those that are struggling directly as a result of social distancing?
  • Will you provide additional meeting access?

As you plan for live stream AA meetings, keep in mind the fragile community that you are working with and the importance of ease of use and access.

As AA is a free program that operates on the financial contributions of its members, it makes sense to ask members about whether they like the idea of allowing for live stream AA meetings during the COVID-19 outbreak. Chances are, members will be willing to donate and adopt this form of meeting over no meeting time at all!

Ready to Get Started with Live Stream AA Meetings?

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Give Beverly Boy Productions a call at 888-462-7808! We’ll help you initiate live stream AA meetings that will keep your recovery community engaged and active in the twelve steps despite the nationwide COVID-19 pandemic that is taking place. We can’t wait to assist you in filming and sharing your AA or NA meetings with members of the recovery community.

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