Funeral Live Streaming Services in Winnipeg

Funeral Live Streaming Services 

As you grieve the loss of a loved one, you may be looking for ways to connect with your family and friends. Grief carried alone is a heavy burden to bear and many people attend funerals simply to be close to the people they love while saying goodbye to their lost friend or family member. In these times, attending a funeral in-person isn’t always possible, which is why funeral live streaming services in Winnipeg may be what you need. 


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Live streaming technology can help to connect you with your loved ones and provide you with the opportunity to see key moments you’d otherwise miss if you can’t be there in-person. It allows for grieving loved ones to be together despite distance, with the help of their smartphones or computers. 

Live Streaming Funerals Keep Families Connected

Your loved ones may not all live in the same city. From global travel to marriage to someone across the nation, there are so many reasons why families end up all over the place. Technology has played an important role in keeping many loved ones close and tight-knit but when tragedy strikes, it can be everything to those who are grieving. 

Live stream technology has been around for over two decades but it is commonly used for weddings and sporting events and not as many funerals. With that said, more than 20% of funeral homes are currently providing this service. It’s a highly beneficial option for families and friends who simply can’t be together during this time but want to say their goodbyes. 

Global Reach For Grieving Circles

Funeral live streaming services in Winnipeg offer families and friends who aren’t in the same place or city to grieve together while far apart. The global reach offered by this technology makes connecting with loved ones in difficult times possible.     

Funeral Live Streaming Has Its Benefits

Funeral live streaming services in Winnipeg could be everything you need at a time when you can’t make it to the funeral service of a loved one. Live stream funeral services can be done over a closed network so it’s a private event for only you and yours. Consider how this option can benefit your family. For example:    

  • If you have little kids, you may not want to bring them to a funeral. If childcare is out of the question at this time, you could still be present for the live service event. 
  • Live streams can be filmed so if you would like to go back to see moments from the service, saved footage will make it easy.
  • If you’re attending remotely, you can still be in touch with others who are as well through chat features on the live stream platform, so that everyone gets the support they need at this time. 
  • A funeral is beneficial for those who are dealing with grief. Saying goodbye—even online—to your deceased loved one is important for the healing process.  
  • If your religion requires quick funerals, you may not have time to wait for family and friends who are far from home. Consider live streaming services.  

At Beverly Boy Productions, we are here for you. We are here to provide discreet and reliable funeral live streaming services in Winnipeg, Manitoba for you and your loved ones. Let us know how we can help you by giving us a call today.

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