Funeral Live Streaming Services in Mc Allen

Funeral Live Streaming Services 

There is almost nothing more difficult to experience than the pain of losing a loved one. Add the current world environment into the mix and it can be challenging to navigate the possibility that you may need to grieve alone. But, despite the fact that job conflicts or social distancing may prevent you from making it to the funeral, there are options for funeral live streaming services in McAllen that will allow you to be able to be close to the people you love, even if it’s just digitally.   

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Live streaming technology allows everyone the chance to say their goodbyes, whether on their phones or tablets, in a time where uncertainty is high and restrictions and trouble with the economy have prevented many people from attending the funerals of people they love.   

Live Streaming Funerals Unite Grieving Loved Ones

Whether your daughter has taken a job across the country or your son has gone on a trip around the world, or your siblings or parents have traveled to other places, you more than likely have a family spread around the globe—or at least the country. Technology helps families in the best of times to stay close and connected but it can be everything in times of grief. 

Live stream technology in particular has been used for various reasons over the past 20 years but it has only recently begun to become popular for funerals. With that said, about 20% of funeral homes provide this service and while some may find the idea odd at first, when it comes to having everyone present at the service in some way, it can be extremely beneficial.

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Global Reach For Mourning Families and Friends

Funeral live streaming services in McAllen provide the global reach that can allow your family and friends to be connected in times of grief. If you have loved ones around the world, consider how live streaming services can make it easier for everyone, especially those who are grieving and unable to make it in person to the service.     

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Benefits Of Funeral Live Streaming

A funeral is obviously a very private event. Just because something can be shared on public networks, doesn’t mean it has to be. You can stream the service via a password-protected site so it’s just you and yours attending. Funeral live streaming services in McAllen offer numerous benefits for those who are mourning:  

  • If you need to plan for a quick funeral, you may not be able to wait for too long for those who live across the globe. A prompt burial is easier to do when you use live streaming services. 
  • Live stream footage can be recorded so if you want to look back at the service you can. It allows for use in the future, whether it’s to be shared with those who couldn’t make it or for your grieving purposes.   
  • If you’re attending the service on your phone or computer, you’ll be able to communicate through a live chat feature on the live stream platform so you can be connected with other family and friends attending remotely. 
  • A funeral can be beneficial for the grieving process. While it isn’t the same, attending a live stream service is better than not attending at all.  
  • Your children may be little and you might not yet want to expose them to grief and sadness at the funeral. If you decide to keep them at home, you could still attend the service through live stream on your tablet or phone while at home. 


At Beverly Boy Productions, we know that the last thing you want to do is discuss plans for a funeral and even think about using technology for it. This is where our compassionate crew comes in. We are able to provide funeral live streaming services in McAllen, Texas that can help you during this time, so you can simply focus on what’s matters: your loved ones and saying goodbye to your deceased family member or friend. We’re here for you. Please call now!

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