Video Production for Convenience Stores

Convenience stores provide a quick stop opportunity for consumers to grab gas, drinks, cigarettes or other tobacco products, and things like candy and snacks. Recent declines in tobacco sales have contributed to slowed revenue growth for the convenience stores industry in recent years, but diversifying the store offering and including healthier meal options as well as access to various consumer goods is expected to lead to rebounding growth over the next several years for this $37 billion dollar market. Video Production for Convenience Stores includes a mix of marketing and promotional video content, expert interview videos and of course video-based training programs that help new store clerks and staff to learn the ropes when they come onboard the store.

While COVID-19 did cause many convenience stores to struggle over the 2019-2020 timeframe, adjustments to consumer shopping habits have mostly shifted back and resulted in the majority of foot traffic to be coming back into the convenience store market similar to how it was prior to the coronavirus pandemic causing widespread closures or reduced access to these convenience businesses.

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At Beverly Boy Productions we work closely with convenience store brands to produce top-notch video content that helps consumers recognize the brand, recall the convenience provided by the store in times of need, and feel more emotionally connected to the business which is committed to providing efficient and fast services that meet their needs. Our expert video production services can help you to grow your convenience store brand above and beyond the competition taking you ahead of the pressure that stands behind growing your brand.

Promotional Videos for Convenience Stores

For convenience stores like WaWa, 7-Eleven, and Quik Stop, building up consumer knowledge surrounding the various goods that are offered for sale within the store is key to increasing revenue for the business or brand. Most convenience stores operate with the intention of selling mostly gas, basic food and beverage products, beer & wine, and tobacco products. Promoting many of these products requires special focus to ensure you’re not indirectly promoting to teens or underage children that could be negatively impacted by the promotion.

Team Beverly Boy is aware of the importance of promoting your convenience store brand without going overboard and potentially interfering with adolescents or getting yourself positioned in the wrong market and competing against grocery stores or gas-only convenience store brands. We’ll work closely with you to define your target market, build up your video promotions, and distribute content that’s going to reach your ideal target audience to boost revenue and sales.

Marketing Videos for Convenience Stores

Consumer spend an average of 100 minutes per day engaging in video content online. If you’re the owner of a convenience store brand that is not actively engaging in video marketing techniques, you’re potentially missing out on the 55% of all consumers who watch videos before making purchase decisions relative to your brand.

Marketing Video Production for Convenience Stores can have many positive impacts including:

– Increased social media reach.
– Increased organic reach and lead generation.
– Stronger audience recognition and support.
– Up to 66% more leads each year.
– Increased revenue and conversions resulting in increased ROI for the brand.

Team Beverly Boy

Most marketers will admit that not only do they find that video makes it easier to convince their audience, but that the introduction of video gives way to revenue increases up to 49% faster than non-video marketing media tactics.

Training Videos for Convenience Stores

Traditionally, convenience stores have a very high employee turnover rate. Much of this is because the average employee receives less than 12 minutes of total manager training every six months that they work with the brand. If managers would give just a little bit more training, whether directly or indirectly with the support of a video-based training program, employee commitment to the business could go up exponentially reducing total turnover rate and improving overall outcomes for the convenience store brand.

Training Video Production for Convenience Stores can minimize employee turnover, improve employee morale, and boost overall total time that a newly hired employee sticks around and works for the store. In fact, many employees will stay longer, and feel more in-control working in a convenience store that provides video-based training when compared to in-person shadowing or other forms of training which can be inconsistent, and not always effective.

Interview Videos for Convenience Stores

As a Convenience store operations manager or owner, you know that building up consumer trust in your business and in the products that you sell is essential to growing your sales and revenue, but how? Expert interview videos for convenience stores are a great opportunity to build up audience attention, boost awareness, and increase their credibility and trust in the business.


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In fact, interview videos can improve or even establish your credibility as a store owner while providing the right kind of content for building a strong social media presence around your business. Niche interviews boost consumer confidence and build up their level of trust in your convenience store so that all you have to do is open the doors, allow your audience in, and they’ll take over making purchases that fit their growing, and changing, needs as they apply to the brand. These, and various expert services in Video Production for Convenience Stores are essential to growing your audience, building trust, and generate higher overall sales revenue across your brand.

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