Indianapolis, Indiana Production Company

10 Things to Look Forward to When Hiring an Indianapolis, Indiana Production Company

At Beverly Boy Productions, we offer the best full service for any video production, as a top Indianapolis, Indiana production company. The city is full of interesting landmarks and unique destinations, making it a fascinating place to film in.  These are 10 reasons to hire an Indianapolis, Indiana production company:

  1. Indiana War Memorial

It might not be the happiest monument but it is one that everyone will recognize. Made up of two museums, parks, and 24-acres of statues and sculptures, with the city’s skyline in the background, it is a great location for taking some down time at or using as a location when working on a commercial video production with a local Indianapolis production studio.

  1. White River State Park

It’s not only about nature, White River State Park is also home to many attractions. It’s not only the country’s only cultural urban sate park, but it also has a lot of activities to offer the more adventurous & active visitors. With plenty of beautiful views and greenery, it may also be the ideal outdoor location that you’ve been looking for to film at with your local Indianapolis camera crew.

  1. Climate

Warm and humid summers are a bit uncomfortable and common in Indianapolis and the winters are quite cold and cloudy. The temperatures can drop to around 3-degrees at times but it’s rare. While the weather isn’t always the best, a local video company with experience will know how to make the best video production happen, even on the worst of days.

  1. Central Canal

The central canal in Indianapolis is a lovely spot for spending some time in the fresh air along the water front. Whether you like running or biking, there’s plenty of opportunity for you to do both, as well as the options of pedal boats and gondolas on the canal itself. It’s also a great location for filming with one of the top production companies in Indianapolis.

  1. Indianapolis Museum of Art

Art lovers and those looking for a different kind of backdrop for their experience with a video company in Indianapolis will love the Indianapolis Museum of Art. From galleries that have art from far away countries like Greece and Brazil to local works and a Neo-Impressionist collection from North America, this museum is a must-visit for any and all art lovers.

  1. Food

If you’re looking for a great spot for dinner after a busy day with your Indianapolis production crew, consider any of the city’s best restaurant. As a large city, you’ll get your pick of your favorite cuisine, whether it be Latin, Italian, Asian, or even American. Here are a few of our favorites:

  1. Bru Burger Bar is a great option for your favorite burgers, with a bit of a twist. From unique sweet chili mayo dressings to gourmet meats added to a classic option, the combination of traditional with modern makes Bru a must
  2. Café Patachou is where you can get some easy-to-eat food that tastes incredible. From options like a vegan breakfast to a delectable chicken salad, this food is the perfect go-to option when you’re in a hurry but want to eat well.
  3. Union 50 is a bar that also serves really good “bar bites.” Reminiscent of Spanish tapas, you’ll want to visit Union 50 if you’re all about good food and amazing cocktails and craft beer.


  1. Indianapolis Zoo

Who doesn’t love a good zoo? Indianapolis Zoo isn’t only a fun-filled destination for children to enjoy viewing a variety of animal species but it is also a great spot to use as a location for your project with a local production team. With skyscrapers in the distance and beautiful lush vegetation spread throughout the zoo, it’s as beautiful as it is fun.

  1. History

Founded as the capital of Indiana in 1820, the city was once home to the Delaware Nation tribe. Because of it’s fertile soil, it soon became an important location for agriculture and because it is located near the White River, it had early mills and the arrival of railroads by 1847, making it a fast-growing city during this period of time in the United States. With both the gas boom in Indiana in the 1880s and the increased rail traffic made Indianapolis into the industrial center that it is to this day.

  1. Permits

Indianapolis does require filming permits for certain types of productions. Whether you’re filming a brand campaign or a digital marketing campaign, it’s important to find out which type you may need for your commercial video production. The good news is that Indiana is relatively low-fuss and low-cost when it comes to permits, so you’ll be more than likely to be able to film where you wish to.

  1. Victory Field

A popular baseball field, Victory Field is a great option for those who enjoy a good baseball game or two. As one of the cleanest fields around, it’s no wonder that this field is an all-time favorite for people who love catching the Pittsburgh Pirates and Indianapolis Indians games. A very recognizable site in the city, it’s a great option for a backdrop for any local video production in Indianapolis.

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