7 Keys to Booking the Right Film Production Companies in Atlanta

7 Keys to Booking the Right Film Production Companies in Atlanta

Video production is a competitive industry with several film production companies in Atlanta equally vying for your work. While there are likely several options that are suited to your individual business needs, deciding on the most appropriate company to work with requires some careful consideration and an examination of each company’s portfolio, past client success, and potential to deliver your project on time and on budget. Follow these tips to help you book film production companies in Atlanta that are right for your brand.


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1. Establish Your Video Needs

What kind of video do you want to produce? What is the goal of the video? Where will it be distributed? How much do you have to spend? What is the timeline that you require the project to be completed within?

It’s important for you to establish all of these details upfront before looking for film production companies in Atlanta to work with because they’ll want to know the answer to these questions, too.

2. Search Local Companies


Searching Google or other major platforms for local film production companies in Atlanta that have the skills required to deliver your project is the next big step.

If you know what kind of video you’re creating, considering including that in your search. For example, you might search for, “Corporate film production companies in Atlanta,” or “animated film production companies in Atlanta.”

This will help to narrow down your results.

3. Ask Around for References

If you know other area business owners that are already using video successfully, consider asking them who they use to produce their content.

A reference from a local friend or business owner can save you time in finding and choosing the right film production companies in Atlanta for your business.

4. Check Portfolios

Review the portfolio of each area business that is on your list. Look at their work and decide whether it is of a professional quality suitable to you and whether you would consider it acceptable for your own business.

This is your chance to decide quickly whether or not you’ll follow-up for more information from a particular business.

5. Analyze Past Work Against Your Current Needs

As you review portfolio works, consider whether the work that you see is similar to what you need.

If you’re looking to produce training videos, you should be asking yourself whether the work that you’re seeing represents quality training video production.

Look for details in the past work that show the crew has the skills to deliver the style and type of content that you want for your business.

6. Call Past Clients

A satisfied past client can give you a lot of insight into what it will be like to work with a particular company.

Likewise, an unsatisfied client can throw up a huge red flag and may potentially save you from dealing with the same problems that they had to.

Contact past clients and ask them if they enjoyed working with the film company and whether they would work together again. 

7. Ask for Proposals to Compare

The final step in booking film production companies in Atlanta for your business to work with is to compare proposals between each of the vendors and decide which seems best for you.

This decision should be made based on the price, professional quality of the work, and the research that you did on the company. With this information you can be sure you’ve made the right decision.

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