Top 9 North Carolina film schools

Top 9 North Carolina film schools for filmmakers to consider

North Carolina has a healthy video production/film industry. There are plenty of aspiring filmmakers just hoping to get going in the field. If you’re one of them, looking for small or large  North Carolina film schools, this list can give you a glimpse into what you can expect. The below schools are places where hopeful North Carolina filmmakers receive hands-on training to launch their career in the North Carolina industry. These schools offer versatile programs, some designed for a more traditional approach with other film programs providing an immersive experience. 

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As a part of the North Carolina video production community, we have seen how challenges are a part of the journey. Schools can help to prepare you for your future in North Carolina film production, photography, and media by laying the foundation of principles needed for your career filming, editing and production as you pursue a future with major film companiesnews studios, and advertising agencies or self-employment.”

1. Duke University

Duke University offers a Bachelor of Arts, Visual, and Media Studies with a Cinematic Arts concentration. As a student at Duke, you’ll receive in-depth courses that cover all the principles of film, from history to theory, and practices. With fieldwork in everything from filmmaking to writing and audio, you’ll be sure to graduate entirely prepared to make it in your career as a film professional. 

Phone: 919-684-2224


114 S. Buchanan Blvd

Durham, NC 27708

2. The University of North Carolina School of Filmmaking

UNCSA Filmmaking School, a place where you’ll learn from some of the local film industry’s best. Considered by many to be one of the best North Carolina film schools, the immersive program offered by UNCSA makes it easy for you to gain working knowledge as you study courses designed around animation, cinematography, production, design, and more. Whatever your career goal may be, you can most likely get a BFA in it at UNCSA, with everything from Production Design to Animation, Production, and Directing programs available for students.

Phone: 336-770-3399


1533 South Main St

Winston-Salem, NC 27127

3. UNC Chapel Hill

Media and Cultural Studies at the Department of Communication at UNC allows students to learn a broad array of aspects pertaining to film and media. From aesthetics to history to practical skills, programs offered at UNC are designed to ready you in your future in media, video, film, or audio. Offering a communication major or a Ph.D., there are options available for every type of student. 

Phone: 919-962-2311


Chapel Hill, NC 27599

4. Wake Forest

WFU will provide you with the foundation that ensures you have both the understanding of history and theory to the creative aspects and technical skills for a future in filmmaking. With a minor from Wake Forest in film and media studies, you’ll learn from some of the best in the industry, as you get hands on experience. As a smaller program than some other options, students get focused attention throughout their courses. 

Phone: 336-758-2237


1834 Wake Forest Road

Winston-Salem, NC 27106

5. Living Arts College

If you’re interested in learning the art and business of filmmaking, look no further than Living Arts College. Known for their immersive program, students get real-life experience and working knowledge that can help them build a portfolio and enter their career fully experienced. From photography to animation, there are a variety of programs for every kind of student interested in a career in the arts and film. 

Phone: 919-488-8504


3000 Wakefield Crossing Drive

Raleigh, NC 27614

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6. Saint Augustine’s University

A more traditional program with an emphasis on building the base skills for film and artistic careers, Saint Augustine’s University is an ideal program for the student looking to get an education in the liberal arts. From learning all about the psychological, cultural, theoretical, and historical aspects of film to developing technical skill for the job, whether you want a future in directing or production, the program at St. Augustine’s will provide a solid foundation for your future career. There are various programs available, from Minors to Bachelor of Arts. 

Phone: 919-516-4000


1315 Oakwood Avenue

Raleigh, NC 27610

7. Asheville School of Film

As you get your education locally at the Asheville School of Film, you’ll be well-positioned for a future in the local film scene. With connections and a hands-on program to prepare you, Asheville School Film is a top school for serious film students. You’ll be learning from some of the industry’s best, who have years of combined experience. 

Phone: 844-285-3456


45 South French Broad Ave, Suite 120

Asheville, NC 28801

8. Western Piedmont Community College

For students who are focused on animation and digital effects to be used in film, WPCC can help to prepare you while encouraging your creativity. With immersive programs providing hands-on experience, you’ll be learning on some of the industry’s best gear that will get you ready with real life expertise when it’s time to pursue jobs in the North Carolina film industry. Whether you’re working towards becoming a video animator or a special effects artist, WPCC can help you succeed in building a foundation towards a career that could see you earning anywhere from $60,000 to $91,000 yearly. 

Phone: 828-448-3500


1001 Burkemont Avenue

Morganton, NC 28655

9. Sonorous Road

The Sonorous Road Theatre and Film Studio provides a unique learning experience for the innovative film student who wants to get their feet wet, so to speak. With everything from customized classes to workshops, it’s a small yet well-known place to receive a start in your journey to becoming a film professional. As one of the top North Carolina film schools, you’ll learn from professionals with years on the job. 

Phone: 919-803-3798


3801 Hillsborough St

Raleigh, NC 27607

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