Top 5 Chicago film studios

Top 5 Chicago Film Studios to Consider for Your Project

Searching for Chicago film studiosWe have put together some of our favorite options for you to consider and we hope it helps your research. The film and video production industry in Chicago, Illinois has grown a lot over the years and people are now turning to top studios for video content for social media marketing, web videos, and more and top video production houses have upped their game in an effort to become what the current market needs now. Whether filming a movie, or a tv spot for branded content, this list has some of the best local city studios and sound stages that can be rented to aid in your production projects.

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Whether your project calls for a large green screen studio, or a plain white cyc wallChicago has great resources. If your project calls for professional stage lighting, your Chicago production team can be sure that one of the best Chicago production studios will do a great job. Check out our list of top favorites in this area:

1. Cinespace Chicago Film Studios

From the space provided to the production management, Chicago Film Studios offers great quality for companies looking to produce in Chicago. With great soundstages that offer plenty of space, as well as carpentry shops and paint areas, Chicago Film Studios offers versatility for your production project.

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2621 W. 15th Place

Chicago IL 60608

2. Richter Studios

Richter Studios is highly client-oriented, meaning that they go all out in ensuring customer satisfaction, making them an ideal option for your creative project. The studio itself is a clear example of this with its state-of-the-art stage, modern conference room and lounge area, editing suites making it a good idea to partner with Richter Studios for your project.

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1143 W. Rundell Place

Chicago, IL 60607

3. Space Stage Studios

What is cool about Space Stage Studios is how they customize the studio space. Whether you want a set-build or one of the four studios as is, Space Stage Studios offers quality. Rentals include everything from courtyard to power and distro, as well as and even a camera crew when needed. Some of the stages even have control rooms.

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1844 W. Hubbard
Chicago, IL 60622

4. Chicago Studio City

Chicago Studio City is a decently-sized option that has 4 sound stages for you to choose from. Whether you need a small space or a larger one, there are options that range between 6,000 sq. ft to 30,000, so you can be to capture the film you want to. The studio can rent everything from equipment to stages, and even production vans and generators.

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5660 W Taylor St

Chicago, IL 60644

5. Shatter Glass Studios

If creativity could shatter a glass ceiling, Shatter Glass Studios would win, hands down. They offer professional service, as well as a great soundstage for simple production needs, such as interviews, customer testimonials, auditions, or CEO profiles. From the creative meeting space to the greenscreen and equipment used, everything is on par with high-end quality.

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309 S Neil St

Champaign, IL 61820

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