Oklahoma City Film Festivals

4 Oklahoma Film Festivals You Need to Attend.

If you’re a film lover and live in Oklahoma City, great news! Here are 4 Oklahoma City film festivals you need to attend. When it comes to the Oklahoma video production community, festivals are essential, so here are our top picks:

1. Oklahoma Black Film Festival-Film Makers Corner

Oklahoma City Film Festivals - Oklahoma Black Film Festival


Held in multiple parts of Oklahoma City. See website for details.


(405) 458-4548

Oklahoma City offers up the best in black film projects, partnering with education and non-profit organizations to increase visibility in the black film community. This is a chance for young, aspiring black filmmakers to locate resources and inspiration and follow their dreams in film. Black filmmakers get to train and receive exposure for their film projects through local and global efforts. Feature films, short films, and documentaries with titles such as unKnown, Touchdowned, and Middle of Somewhere are to be screened.

2. deadCenter Film Festival

Oklahoma City Film Festivals - deadCenter Film Festival


deadCenter Film

701 W Sheridan Ave #110

Oklahoma City, OK 73102


(405) 246-9233

You can attend one of the biggest and best film festivals in Oklahoma City! Although they started as a small operation of short screenings, the festival has grown to provide year-round educational and artistic opportunities to area filmmakers. This is from the help of over 400 staff members and volunteers. Filmmakers helping filmmakers is what this team is all about, and it culminates in the annual festival. It’s where the best films in Oklahoma City are proudly presented. Over the years they have screened over 1600 films (if you’re counting).

3. Native Crossroads Film Festival

Oklahoma City Film Festivals - Native Crossroads Film Festival


Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History

2401 Chautauqua Ave

Norman, OK 73072


(405) 325-3020

Indigenous culture and history will be celebrated on film, embracing both past and present, and a look toward the future and how indigenous populations will influence the generations of film to come—in their communities and the larger world. All of the events are free, and everyone is welcome!

4. The Oklahoma Film + Music Conference: New Heights



333 W Sheridan Ave 49th Floor

Oklahoma City, OK 73102


(405) 522-9635

This event is more on the business side of filmmaking, but super valuable if you want to learn more about how to make films in Oklahoma, the tricks of the trade, and who to see/where to go/what to do when it comes to launching a first-time film. Panel experts will be on hand to discuss the ins and outs of filmmaking, and you’ll get expert advice. Oklahoma City is practically the center of the United States, so it would seem logical that they want to be the heart of filmmaking too.

City festivals are plentiful in Oklahoma City. Whether you want to screen a film, or find out how to make one, you’ll have all you need right here!

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