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Benefits of Human Resource Development Videos

Human resource development is a powerful investment for your brand. Executed properly, HR development has the power to improve the culture and interaction within your corporation in a way that results in higher confidence in your employees, improved employee morale, and greater organizational structure all around. What if we told you that all of these benefits could be achieved with human resource development videos?

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Human resource development videos have the potential to emphasize employee development and build organizational confidence that leads to a more committed and organized culture within your firm.

If you’re not already using human resource development videos to your advantage, you should be! Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of human resource development videos and the impact they can have on your business’s bottom line.

Improved Confidence & Employee Retention

One of the most common types of human resource development videos that are used by organizations large and small are employee training videos. These videos can range in length based on the nature and scope of the position for which the videos are built for.

Employees that have the benefit of watching their training on a video versus learning from a shadow or from some other employees working in the field are more likely to remember what they learn, feel confident in their role, and stick around for the job.

In fact, employees that receive ongoing training for advancement and development while they are working are more likely to maintain working interest in the brand. 44% of employees actually cite lack of growth and advancement opportunity within an organization as a leading factor for them to seek other work.

Likewise, many businesses cite lack of time and resources as a leading factor as to why they can’t provide employees with more opportunities to advance within their careers.

However, video training can solve these problems offering employees the ability to learn new skills and gain confidence while employers don’t have to use time or money to deliver the training.

After the initial upfront time that it takes to plan for and produce the training content, employers can deliver the content to employees for many months, or in some cases years, to come.

Improved Employee Morale

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Human resource development videos can also be used to boost employee morale. Employees want to feel that they are a part of the bigger picture.

Even those that work the assembly line or that wrote the product descriptions for a website or that answered the office phones want to feel like they contributed in some way to the bigger picture and made the business what it is today, and video is just the way to make this happen!

Corporate videos that showcase how a product or service has impacted the business from early idea conception to the sales and growth of the business as a result can be shared with the entire business to boost employee morale.

Even Jan from the basement who works on the assembly of the button that goes next to the light strip of that special transmitter your business launched last year will see that she played an important role in making the product come together.

Improved Recruiting

As you focus on human resource development videos consider the use of video for your recruiting efforts.

Videos that showcase what it’s like to work for your business, what everyone around the office wears on Thursdays and how the whole group comes together once a month to enjoy pizza and a quick meeting to discuss the latest BD ideas can be used to recruit other prospective employees to your business.

These videos show that you invest in your human capital and that you care about your employees.

Human resource development videos can be used throughout your organization to make the most out of your investment in human capital. If you’re looking for ways to use human resource management videos to your advantage, contact Team Beverly Boy today at 888-462-7808! We can’t wait to get started on your next HRD video project!

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