Top Examples of a Customer Testimonial Video and Why they Work

When you look at any Examples of a Customer Testimonial Video, what do you think? You probably start thinking about what it is that makes each example valuable to the business or brand. If you’re thinking that each customer testimonial video you see probably has certain features or elements that will make it stand out and provide more value than others, you’re right! At Beverly Boy Productions we can share many different examples of a customer testimonial video with you, but if we didn’t explain what makes each video special, the post wouldn’t have a lot of value behind it.


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Customer testimonial videos often feature a mix of b-roll, interviews, and branding techniques in addition to specialty use of text overlays, animated features, and of course on-screen videography elements as well as behind-the-scenes camera production scenarios that just make sense for the testimonial video to work out. You’ll notice many of these examples of a customer testimonial video are going to feature similar elements because they’re the elements that most often work for this style of content.

In each example of a customer testimonial that we share we’re going to address what makes the video powerful and we’ll talk about some of the key features or technical components of the video, too. Follow along, we’ve got some amazing examples of customer testimonial videos to share with you.

Harbor Touch Testimonial Video

The Harbor Touch Testimonial video is one of the top examples of a customer testimonial video that has been produced by Team Beverly Boy in response to a relationship with a b2b brand in which a POS system was purchased from Harbor Touch. This video incorporates plenty of fresh b-roll, a powerful detailed overview of what the customer appreciated about their purchase of Harbor Touch POS systems, and even goes into some of the potential objections that the customer may have to purchasing including delivery, setup, and ease of use as well as price.

You’ll see in the production that there is a mix of customer interview and b-roll as well as several text overlay elements that show the quoted testimony from customers that have benefitted from Harbor Touch POS systems.

American Systems Beta Testimonial Video

The American Systems Beta is another one of the more powerful examples of a customer testimonial video produced by our team in which a government contracted client addresses his satisfaction with working side by side with American Systems. You’ll notice in this particular customer testimonial video there is a mix of client interview, b-roll, and live-action footage that is combined to provide the finished product.

There is exemplary location choice, and the unique approach of utilizing quality sound and background music in the video are vital to the outcome. Like many customer testimonial videos, you’ll notice prevalent use of the background view of the office, including the logos that are specific to the American Systems brand included in the testimonial for branding purposes.

Underdog’s Brewhouse Testimonial Video

Producing these top examples of a customer testimonial video is certainly something that Team Beverly Boy specializes. In the Underdog’s Brewhouse testimonial video you’ll see use of several different on-screen videography techniques including the use of transitions to segue from one customer subject to the next and the use of background music throughout the entire video for cohesion.

This particular testimonial video also incorporates a mix of live action, b-roll, and client interview for a full spectrum video testimonial that will appeal to the target market. Examples of a customer testimonial video like this in which text overlay, appropriate on-screen graphics, and transitions are the driving force behind the film are what make Beverly Boy Productions videos stand out most.

Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center Testimonial Video

A customer testimonial / patient testimonial video that was produced for Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center, you’ll notice in this video that we used text overlay, corporate branding, and a variety of graphic techniques to make this testimonial stand out.  Like the other examples of a customer testimonial video that we’ve shared, the Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center Testimonial video features a mix of interviews and b-roll footage. This testimonial is significantly shorter than the others, proof that you don’t need a long-winded testimonial for it to be powerful and effective.

At Beverly Boy Productions we have many different examples of a customer testimonial video that we can share with our prospective clients and audiences. If you’d like to see additional examples of a customer testimonial video, or you’re interested in learning more about what it takes to produce top customer testimonial videos for your brand, give us a call.

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