What is the Importance of Corporate Video Production-

What is the Importance of Corporate Video Production?

At Beverly Boy Productions, we work with clients that span the globe and operate some of the biggest, and smallest, corporations in the world. One question we seem to frequently encounter is, “What is the importance of corporate video production?” We hear it quite commonly, from clients that are simply trying to grasp the value of corporate video and determine exactly where their business stands in terms of strategy and the amount of time and effort required to implement corporate video marketing into their campaigns.

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The truth is, the importance of corporate video production really cannot be overlooked. This process has evolved significantly in the past decade to include an array of features and techniques which focus on using video content to deliver engaging corporate branding stories, connect with consumers, and increase ROI.

Corporate video production is no longer just about interviews, testimonials, and talking heads. Today’s top corporate video production companies use animation, graphics, advanced storytelling, and many other features to bring your marketing campaigns to life.

There are actually several reasons for a business to consider corporate video production. As we look at the importance of corporate video, the following ideas come to mind.

Google Loves Corporate Videos

That’s right, Google loves video almost as much as consumers do! Corporate video production can help your brand to increase search engine rankings. In fact, the use of corporate videos on your website can increase dwell time and lower bounce rate for your business.

These are two of more than 100 factors that the Google Bot looks at when determining placement of your page in the SERPs.

Google also prioritizes websites or web pages that include a video. When you post more video content, your website will move up the rankings in Google search. The result is more organic traffic to your brand which can result in higher conversions, too!

Corporate Videos are More Memorable

The information that you’re sharing with your audience is important, right? So you probably want them to remember it! But if you’re only using written content to share your message, you’re potentially limiting the amount of the message that your audience will retain! 

That’s because we only retain about 70% of what we read, sometimes less, especially for poor readers. However, we retain about 95% of what we see in a video.

So, when you’re framing your marketing messages and building your campaigns, do you want your audience to recall 70% of what you say or 95% of it?

Since everyone consumes information in a different capacity and a different manner, it’s best to use as many different verticals to reach your audience as possible. This will maximize your reach and the overall consumption of your messages.

Consumers Want More Video

The importance of corporate video production goes beyond just what Google wants or what you want as a business, what about what the consumer wants? Consumers have spoken and the majority of them want more video content from the brands and businesses that they love.

In fact, a recent Hubspot study found that 72% of consumers would rather learn about products and services by video versus written text. Additionally, Wordstream found that 59% of executives would rather watch a video than read text.

And, to back up the claims one step further, Google found that 60% of people would rather watch video online than on TV. 

So, the importance of corporate video production is huge! Consumers are looking for top quality videos that they can engage with, interact with, and share with others.

Corporate video production companies, like Beverly Boy Productions, can assist you in creating powerfully effective corporate videos to grow your business and increase customer satisfaction for your brand. Are you ready to get started?

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