6 Tips on Creating Effective Case Study Videos

6 Tips on Creating Effective Case Study Videos

Creating effective case study videos that you can share with your prospective customers could turn powerful messages and data into conversions. We’re outlining the top 6 tips on creating effective case study videos so that you can get right to the point and start creating.

The process is simple. Begin by following the general guidelines outlined below so that you can craft a video that successfully portrays the stories of your clients. Then, use the data to create compelling support that your potential customers can’t help but want to listen to. Finally, share the case study with others to get the word out.

  1. Set Specific, Achievable Goals

We learn about goal setting throughout school and yet, so often, as soon as we leave school we forget the key details of setting achievable goals for ourselves and our work. Set clear goals for the case study video you want to create. Outline things like who you want to reach, how you want to video to work, whether it will help close sales or convert leads into callers, and what the overall objectives are.

Be prepared to tweak the objectives and goals based on the target audience. This way you can be sure you reach those most vital to the success of your production.

  1. Determine Target Audience

A successful case study requires a pre-defined target audience. Who will it be? You can’t possibly convince someone to listen to your message if you don’t know who you are delivering the message to!

Determining your target audience requires you to narrow down the buyer persona and decide who the video will target. Remember, you cannot possibly make everyone happy. So now is the time to define an audience that you will reach out to specifically.

  1. Craft Your Message to Solve the Right Problem

Every effective case study solves a real life problem that the user has. Find your problem, find your case study solution and craft a message that shows how the problem is solved by your message. Now is the time to identify the problems your users have and what you are doing to fix those problems.

Whatever the core problem is, you must be sure that this too is the core message of the video case study. Your message must solve the viewer’s problem.

  1. Choose a Production Client & Start Crafting the Video

When choosing a production agency, it’s important to have already nailed down key creative details such as the core message and who you are targeting. This will help the production agency to craft the video message that will showcase your case study in the best, most effective possible way.

A good rule of thumb is to choose a company that has a background similar to yours or to your audience’s or that understands your audience in order to emotionally connect with them. Viewers will need to identify with the production, so you must choose a company that can sway your audience to take action–no matter what that action is.

  1. Craft the Story, Ask the Right Questions

When crafting the shareable story, it’s important that you ask all the right questions to answer the problems of your audience. Don’t leave the audience to question whether your service or solution really could help–make sure they KNOW it will help them and they see it as the only ideal solution.

Consider the following questions to craft your story:

  • What is the situation you are trying to solve?
  • What is the overall arching problem?
  • What solution do you offer?
  • Why is the solution better than any other outcome?


If you answer these questions for your audience in your case study video, they are almost guaranteed to convert. Do so in a natural way, and they will immediately connect with you and feel like you can save them!

  1. Create a Visual Style that Attracts the Audience

Knowing your audience is key to crafting a case study video that they can connect with. The visual style should reinforce the story that you are trying to tell in a way that helps the user to feel even more comfortable with approaching your business or brand for help.

Good case study videos that follow these 6 tips on creating effective case study videos most certainly include visual style that connects with the audience just as fluidly as the words on the page would. Seeking an experienced video production agency like Beverly Boy Productions to help is key to crafting a message like this that will engage and support your viewers.

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