6 Benefits of Video Marketing for Local Businesses

Local businesses benefit from many of the same marketing tactics that large scale, national businesses find beneficial. Video marketing for local businesses is one of the many tactics that appear to do well for brands near and far. In fact, there are many benefits of video marketing for local businesses, including increased brand awareness and improved online presence. 

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1. Increased Brand Awareness

Small businesses often struggle with brand awareness, especially as they try to become more prominently recognized over the competition. Video marketing improves brand awareness of local businesses in a number of different ways.

First, video content is more engaging and attractive to people than any other form of content. And, second, videos have a higher potential to be shared, which allows them to reach even more people building an even stronger awareness for the brand.

filming customer interviews


Videos attract people and connect them. These are two very important elements of social media that the average human is seeking involvement in.

They want to be seen and heard. With the right video content, local businesses get their brand in front of a major audience that cannot wait to share the content with others.

Benefits of Video Marketing for Local Businesses

2. Increased Online Presence

Video marketing helps local businesses to increase their online presence in a difficult playing field. In fact, video marketing has the power to increase online presence for small, local businesses in several ways.

Videos are more engaging, and engagement is one of several key factors that is measured when determining the online presence of a brand.

Additionally, videos encourage consumers to share, subscribe, or otherwise complete the intended CTA that is delivered by the video footage. 

Benefits of Video Marketing for Local Businesses

Ask and you shall receive

When you ask viewers to share your video, they do. Ask them to subscribe to your channel; they will. And, both of these things increase the presence and visibility of your brand.

Furthermore, local businesses that include videos on their websites see increased search engine rankings. Pages that have a video have an increased chance of ranking on the first page of Google by as much as 50X greater than pages that do not have a video.

And, since ¾ of people never journey any deeper than the first page of your website, getting people to that first page is most important!

3. Increased Engagement

Videos have the power to increase engagement between your consumer or prospective consumer and your brand. Videos boost social media engagement in several ways. They encourage shares, likes, and comments.

Off social media, videos boost engagement by keeping the viewer on your site for a longer duration and increasing the chance that the consumer will click through to other areas of your site. 

Deliver videos that connect with your audience, and you will almost certainly see an increase in site engagement as a result.

4. Trust Building

Video marketing for local businesses helps the business to build trust with consumers. Consumers may have little trust in a brand prior to watching a video, but something clicks in the consumer’s mind when a product video is viewed.

Consumers state they are 70% more likely to purchase a product after they see a video about the product online.


Because consumers that see videos connect the video with a deeper relationship with your brand, consumers begin to “trust” your brand as a result of seeing the video content.

And, the more you can reach the consumer with video, the stronger your trust-building powers are.

Benefits of Video Marketing for Local Businesses

5. Increased Product Knowledge

The benefits of video marketing for local businesses can be used to help consumers gain a stronger understanding of the products you are selling.

Local businesses that include product videos on their website and social media pages help consumers to see the value in their products or services.

Consumers are seeking ways to solve problems. All the time! Local businesses that share product videos highlight the solutions that a product delivers to the consumer.

Give the people what they want! Deliver video marketing that includes consumer product knowledge about the products you know best–your own!

6. Personalization Retains Customers

Local businesses already have one key factor that is working for them when it comes to consumers–personalization! Consumers crave a personalized business experience, now more than ever before.

Local businesses that deliver personalized experiences for consumers see significantly higher sales than businesses of similar size that do not personalize the experience. 

Video marketing can be used to personalize the consumer experience with limited interruption to the brand. Personalized video campaigns have resulted in higher lead generation, increased sales revenue, and significantly happier customers overall.

Connect with consumers

Local businesses are using personalized video content such as thank you videos and welcome messages for new customers to further connect with consumers in a way that builds their trust for the brand, and they couldn’t be happier with the results!

Benefits of Video Marketing for Local Businesses

 Here is a Marketing Video Produced By Team Beverly Boy 

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